Consciousness is being aware of everything, but conscious of essential nature of being. That’s positive principles and ideas contributed to the enhancement of life. It’s being aware of what ought to be good and right for life. It’s positive elements of energy.

Self is generally known according to me as an entity constructed upon material desires. It is ruled by feelings and emotions. And the self seeks to accumulate material desires in the satisfaction of feelings and emotions.

Feelings and emotions take over the thinking and reasoning mind. That means, logical reasoning must entail a valid outcome that supports material desires even if they are harmful or dangerous to life.

The consciousness is aware of what ought to be good from harm, but it’s powerless to motivate objective decisions. Locked within the binds of materialism, it is not able to speak or will the person into actions of objective or practical outcomes.

And the consciousness becomes like a recording device of the self and the environment. The real person is not the entity of the self, but a being. The being resides in the temple where feelings and emotions of desires have taken over.

In the normal state of being, the conscious awareness motivates and quantifies objective decisions into practical and objective outcomes. But since the self is in residence, someone else of material desires is ruling.

The body is a vessel housing conscious being. In this normal state of awareness, conscious being motivates the body in the fulfilment of purpose and practical outcomes. In the absence of conscious being, the body is housing feelings and emotions of itself. It is subject to the sway of material desire. And objective or practical outcomes are ruled by material desire such as what’s good depends on how one feels. Moral rules is determined by feelings and emotions.

From growing up, the socialisation of materialism modifies feelings and emotions from normal functions of conscious being. In the early stage where the self is not yet established, we can see glimpses of true being; freedom, resilience and always helpful. But when the self is established by satisfaction of feelings and emotions of material desires, the child is transformed from true being to material self.

Being is true person of conscious awareness and rational thinking. Self is satisfaction of feelings and emotions of material desire.

The same process of self-development also imposes political ideologies, religious beliefs and cultural norms. And the id is rooted upon ideas of political ideologies, religious beliefs, cultural norms and materialism. But the id is subject to change as the child learns more about his/her true being.

We witness changes when the child spends sometimes with in-laws or other parent in case of separation, they come back with different ideas of who they are. I know it’s inconceivable to imagine, but some children are poisoned with hate they never get a chance to discover who they truly are.

They are brainwashed as you notice an innocent child turned against another parent. But you know it’s not their fault and should never blame them for the behaviour. Instead, blame feminism for turning children against their fathers. It is locking the innocent child being within thick barriers of self.

Let’s hope the once innocent and kind child can rediscover his/her true being somewhere in the future and to experience the beautiful people they truly are.

It’s true we are born into language and culture of a system in place. We are influenced by our surrounding. But deep down for some of us, we are unique individuals of conscious being. We make decisions and we agree and share with similar values. Without prejudices of our political, cultural and religious upbringing of a material system in place, the chances are we could all live well among others different from us.

The system in place requires stratification and separation according to difference in order to maintain domination of the material means of subsistence. The self entity recognises the body and its physical features including culture, gender, belief, age, status and so on. And we are polarised into different groups.

And this is the defining point. When the material means of subsistence are depleted and extinct, self-entities cannot think to save themselves. If they do, the outcome validates accumulation of material desires in the face of danger. They would die in accumulation of material desires.

It’s a minority uniform sector that’s dominating everything, but among the majority of us are informed conscious beings. In spite of the bombardment of deep fakes and misinformation, we are clear of common shared values.

Conscious being is aware of positive energy by what we do. It is not aware of the physical features of the body, but objective and practical essence of being. This is quantified by purpose and objective outcomes towards the common good. And we have a planet to save!

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