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I can roughly make up the Titanic effect as when the unsinkable ship sank, the rich got saved while the poor were left to drown. That's just about it for everything else in life. The rich exploit and consume more resources that led to extinction of species and depletion of raw materials and overuse of fossil fuel energy that led to Climate Change.

And as a result, Climate Change gave rise to melting ice and rising water, low lying and poor nations homes are submerged in the water.

Earth is our home. But due to Climate Change, our home is falling apart like the Titanic. At the same time, animal farmers among fossil fuel operated businesses are not showing any signs of slowing down. We are quiet about the continuous effect of animal farming, over-fishing and deforestation because we are not brave enough to confront them. Meantime, we are lucky if we can survive beyond 2040.

This is it! We have endured static cycles of deterioration ever since time and victorious in overcoming the material to emerge in holistic being. This is the biggest test of time. Rather than freezing in fear, our collective awareness must rise to the challenge.

We may not be able to stop powerful capitalists among landlords, farmers and corporations, but we can stop and change ourselves. We can stop eating meat and fish and change diet to plant and vegetable food.

If you watch the four-part series 'We are Eating Ourselves to Extinction', it clearly document sound reasons why. I am a meat eater but after watching the video I felt sick and thinking about meat just is a nauseating feeling.

Democracy is the legal mandate for the rule of the people. It is not a corporate rule or media gate-keeping or corporate lawyers, or business and politicians. It is a ground up development. And we elect the government in office to protect the interests of the people from all those other powerful forces.

There are lifeboats and ships that would transport the rich and powerful to some other planet, but for us. Earth is our home. That is why it is essential to save our home for the future of our children.

Yes, we have what it takes within us to do this. Let the mind take over feelings and senses to think clearly about our fate. And of-course our nonviolent protest is taking over control of our selves and be free, be responsible and be alive. It is URGENT.

As expected, we would be confronted by media propaganda of the usual derogative filth against us. But we are thick skinned enough from experience of standing up for what’s right and absolutely essential or life.

The images of rot meat and fish, lice and puss squeeze out of them has put me off for life.

So now I have to change my shopping list from meat to vegie meat and I have to learn an adapt to a new diet. And my fridge is now dairy free.

This might take a while for my system to get used to the new intake, but I’m feeling better already.

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