How can the survival of one becomes the survival of many when there is only one winner? This may require the individual to transcend to diverse and dynamic organisation of modern society.

The survival of the fittest is targeting the weakest link and the weakest link is often the smallest group. Natural selection therefore has minority ethnic groups on sight of extinction.

It doesn't help when the basis of ideological belief promotes the assertion of one race or culture as superior over other ethnic groups. That means the struggle for representation will always target the majority. This is reinforced by 'First Past the Post' electioneering.

The government or ruling party is guaranteed to have the majority vote on anything. It renders democracy invalid and democracy is not the representation of the majority of people.

We could try and transform the meaning of winning. This is defining the logic of one as equal to many. One therefore consists of human, ethnicity, culture, gender, sex orientation, belief, age and social or commercial status. So when all persons identify with the one, they all identify with the many and they all win.

Funny enough, it must mean that they are necessarily equal as they all share the same values and struggles at the same time. This could create some pressure for A.I. that one is equal and not equal to one. Translates that one is the same and different at the same time.

Considering relative dimensions of time and place, the one person over here is the same person over there, but then one has to change his/her perception of time and place to conduce a valid or relative reality. The transformation occurs during time travel. All one has to do is change his/her mind from static ideology of old tradition to progressive, productive and saving humanity in the modern.

So if Climate Change is the epic flood and Noah's Ark is called Diversity amidst all these political ideologies aiming to save as many people from drowning.

BTW, Noah's Ark is that Bible story; Genesis 6-9, of that crazy man who tried to build a boat to save people from drowning. If this story is set in some two millennia ago and it's still relevant today, what does that say about relative perception of time and place?

Noah is more or less known for his intoxication induced behaviour. For him to assert something that serious only attracted ridicules and mockery upon himself, I'm sure his children in modern days would be embarrassed and shameful to have anything to do with him. But Noah persisted; who is the woman behind Noah's attempt?

Like politicians and their ideological weapons, Noah also had a task to convince and warn the people about the impending danger. You could have a right wing nationalist promoting the rights of one race to be saved over many others. But Noah being an ordinary man with an alcoholic reputation, the right wing leader would only laugh at Noah. And all the people who considered themselves well off and know more protested and became hostile towards Noah. They thought Noah should be locked up in a mental asylum. But in the end, it is the people who have the freedom to choose.

It's interesting how God had chosen certain people to apply the test of time that would result with saving the faithful. The paradigm during the height of material luxuries and political status may have had religious involvement. So to save the people was more like saving the rich and powerful while the poor were left to drown. That's what I think; this humble man Noah was minding his own business when he got the call to save the people irrespective of ethnicity, culture, gender, religion, age or sex orientation.

It is proof that human perspective is only relative, a possible reason why they didn't take Noah seriously. It is also evidence that human relative perspective may only see part of the whole true story. That is why those saved were open minded, humble and definitely not arrogant. But poor Noah is beaten up everywhere he went!

It's diversity of the ideal frame of mind in two to procreate a diverse population. This time in our modern world, Climate Change and necessary changes for survival is real. If it was up to me, I think the call is for those who are humble and open minded about struggles for equality, diversity, and freedom.

Let's name the modern ark Diversity and diversity is effectively promoted by women more than men. If you notice, it is women leaders who are more concerned about changes for the sake of Climate Change and survival. Men are more interested in fossil fuel, profit and how to get more by force. They are delaying measures to counter Climate Change as they are laughing at Noah! Are they laughing at women in the face of Ukraine?

The future generations will thank women of today for saving their world.

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