Be it inflation or recession, uniformity is unvarying. The rich get richer, the poor poorer. It is a static fact of being the same, not changing or being different. The trouble is, the rich and poor are different and their difference is not the same but static. To be uniformed, they have to have the same income therefore equal economic status.

The truth is, we are all different according to gender, sex orientation, age, culture, belief or social and commercial status.

To make a point, the corporation expects all employees to wear the one size fits all pants. We know that for one reason or another, some people can't wear pants. May be for medical conditions, personal or cultural; they are likely to lose their jobs.

How about the one law fits all in our modern world of relativity? The law is a legal demand to change and adapt social behaviour according to the expected rule. The outcome expects differences to behave the same. That's by adopting the same choices; the same values and same style or cultural fashion.

Usually, the law is put in place to correct a social abnormality such as criminal behaviour or antisocial. In recent political debate, it is different values and cultures that is argued to be abnormal. The law therefore requires everyone irrespective of difference to adopt the values and rules of the desired culture.

Cultural appropriation assumes a different culture is abnormal therefore requires to be assimilated in various levels of uniformity from physical to social and psychological. Uniformity therefore implies being different as criminal or antisocial thus diversity is a crime.

If we consider differences as quoted above, then the experience of diversity is not tolerance of difference; it is rather normal to be different. But if we should all be the same, then why are some people paid less than others? Why are particular ethnic groups considered last when making employment or promotional decisions? Why are non-Europeans over represented in prison population, unemployment queues and homelessness?

The facts present the truth that we are not treated the same because we are different. Diversity therefore is not a crime or an antisocial behaviour, but it stands to represent an injustice in the treatment of differences.

Diversity is perceived by right wing nationalist leaders an abnormal development from fear of different race or culture and gender and xenophobia. This unfound fear could be categorised a mental illness, but since it is normal practice of some right wing leaders of the political spectrum, the fear is expressions of machoism; bullyism and racism.

However, the racist exercise is applied to justify a political belief that one's class position or status is superior over another. A person therefore can be racist towards another of his/her own race, but only to smug assertion about his/her class.

A bit like a social class system and commercial class difference. And this exercise is taken advantage of by political leaders among others to bully members of the same race but on different parties or social and commercial status.

Diversity is a human right to be who you are in spite of difference. But uniformity violates human rights of privacy, racism and discrimination on the basis of difference.

Discrimination on the basis of difference is the belief that one's culture is superior over others. It is extended on political ideology and sometimes legalised social policies to reflect a majority rule.

Recently, a group of women among the disadvantaged ethnic minority groups created awareness of their struggles that their differences have been the basis for unfair discrimination. They addressed the influence of colonisation on the home and work; school and sports environments.

It is a right and not an ideology or privileged. The fact is these disadvantaged groups have been discriminated by macho ideologies for no reasons other than being different.

Thank goodness for diversity for I myself would not want to be the same as those who discriminate and bully to express their superiority over others.

It is time for a change and replace dictatorial and atrocious rules by those who have experienced hardship struggles. They understand what it's like to survive discrimination especially during unequal times of need.

As all indicators are pointing towards a global Recession, diverse groups fear the consequential experience of redundancy and losing one's income. This is particularly fearful among families with children when uplifted from one place to another because of unaffordable rents resulting with changing schools; friends; family separation and fatherless children.

This is somewhat lightened by having a social government that understands the need of a diverse society. I cannot say the same for a right-wing government that asserts superiority over differences for those in needs.

National financial terms like Reformation; Restructure and beneficiaries' tricker a kind of static sickness in the stomach.

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