I have casually mentioned the idea of 'slide of the spiral' just recently without thinking too much where it came from, or how it got into my mind. I was talking about static developments referring to serious matters that were not treated seriously by responsible personnel. But the practice is nonetheless passed down the line of authority.

Because the practice is not been officially confirmed as a formal practice, leaders among employees copy and imitate it without realising and use it for their own decisions. And the practice becomes a common culture of the corporation, yet no one formally confirms it.

Freud referred to the unconscious development of repressed memory, those that are traumatic and painful which remain in the sub conscience but still manage to influence our behaviour.

I am saying that unconscious development in this essay is not a collection of painfully or repressive memories, but of objective ideas. These ideas also influence one's behaviour. Thus repressive memories may offset emotional issues, but objective memories may influence positive progress.

Intuition is generally an idea from the collection of data stored in the memory. Because we don't have control of random ideas popping up at the right time, the collection therefore is in the sub conscience. It is offset by the senses, feelings and emotions of the presented incident or reality at that time.

Remember the saying you'll know when you see it like a 'de javu', the experience is not a physical reality, it is instead an unconscious one. It is not a subjective wish or dream; it is a super phenomenal experience in the unconscious mind.

It is therefore possible that we have unconscious developments not only of the slide of the spiral, but also of progressive kind. Slide of the spiral suggests casual or trivial and negative responses to serious issues; progressive is constructive and objective developments.

Now we have unconscious developments of 'slide of the spiral' and unconscious developments of progression.

Social evolution may refer to common ideas and shared values that organise life. People are consciously aware and practice those ideas and values in daily life. But often, these common and shared ideas don't always explain phenomenal reality.

For example, in times of disasters, people share a feeling of sympathy and empathy with victims gather together to provide help and support. This is not a formal practice of the corporation. True to capitalism mentality, the disaster provides an opportunity to make money from peoples' loss and suffering.

A global response to the invasion of Ukraine had the majority of the world population against Putin. Yet no one told them what to do. It is shared feelings, senses and emotions of the incident and reality of that time. The awareness by feelings, senses and emotions offset empathy, sorrow, grief and anger motivated the people to do something about it. The phenomenon is not a delusion or a dream. It is real!

The unconscious development is formalizing to be a sixth sense, the logic of feelings, senses and emotions of the unseen.

I have mentioned this in elsewhere a while ago. The unconscious development of the progressive kind is an accumulation of objective and positive data. Given the feelings, senses and emotions of an incident of time, intuition would surface objective and positive ideas for progress.

Now if the accumulation however is subjective, destructive and negative; feelings, senses and emotions of an incident in time a slide of the spiral.

Therefore, against political influence of media disinformation and fake news, unconscious developments are a solid test of the truth. For example, a survey may prove disapproval of the invasion of Ukraine among progressives while the invasion may on the other hand prove popular for capitalists among dictators.

So let's say the reality of our time considering Climate Change; inflation; energy transition; shortage of supply and war; there is a certain amount of uncertainty in the air. Some would consider gearing up for defense against invasion, or urgent attention to change energy consumption, or change lifestyles to suit the time.

Now the crucial moment in the decision. We have arrived in this reality by capitalistic shared values. It is the same values which delayed progressive action to avoid the epic crisis. Do we depend and rely on the same capitalists and macho dictators to rescue us or is it another opportunity for a profit?

We all know the invisible answer! There is no doubt that the unconscious development has offset intuition of that we all know and share. Now is the time to be responsible and change for progress.

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