Let's say in 1940, there were about 1.6 million people of a homogeneous population and tradition was sharing the same values. There were two or more peoples but there was only one culture. This social organisation was dominated by conservative ideology associated with patriotic sentiments, characterised by the rule of the majority culture.

18-year-olds of the younger generations continue with values and sentiments of tradition into the future.

By 1960, the homogeneous population grew to 2.4 million. 18-year-olds became 38-year-olds who now have their own families and children.

Notice that the 38-year-olds grew up during World War II. Their children grew up during the golden era of farming and agricultural transitioning from manual to machinery and manufacturing. The boom in production required workers opening the gates to Pasefika migration among Asians and Eastern Europeans.

By 1970 and 1980, the population rose from 2.8 to 3.1 million and Aotearoa now has more than two peoples. Folks who grew up during Word War II are in their 50s and 60s; their grandchildren are the future. But their grandchildren grew up in a different industrial era among different people than their parents and grandparents.

Their grandparents were tenacious conservatives associated with patriotic sentiments of nationalism, but their grandchildren had to share their classroom, playground and Sunday School with children from other cultures. And worse, some of the children were considered children of the enemy culture.

The 70s and 80s was a period of social stagnation. The conservative ideology practically executed colonisation mentality and reinforced class maintenance between the dominant culture and minority ethnic groups.

This I believe was the era of protests, discrimination and racism. It was marred by cultural tensions, gangs and violence. The dominant culture blamed immigrants and minority ethnic groups for taking over jobs, housing and services.

I think fake news and disinformation were rife and the notion of divide and rule became synonymous with cultural struggles until minority ethnic groups started to realise who the real enemy was. This was easy because all the evidence were overrepresented in prison population, hospital beds, unemployment, homeless and crime statistics. Not that it changed much, but the ideological grasp indicated the mentality of the era.

In the 90s, 18-year-olds of the war retired and there are now more people in the population who grew up after the war, and a lot of them are of different cultures.

Feminism appeared on the scene to free children and mothers from the hold of tradition. There were obvious political and personal agenda in terms of race, but it landed a heavy blow on traditional values.

In 50 years of static social and ideological tensions, a melting pot of ethnicities and values brewed a blend of cultures now better known as Multiculture.

More and different people with different values meant less people with conservative traditions. At the same time, five or six generations since the war have people adapted to a multicultural way of life in the environment.

Way of life had also changed from agricultural to manufacturing and technology. The way things are done have changed and associated with new meanings. And this progress is set to continue long into the future as trade and exchange continue to bring people and culture closer.

So static is uniformed in representation that may be acting but not moving. It is conformity to absolute beliefs and ideology. It is a heavy burden upon progress that causes it to stagnate. As the conservative way of life imposes a static burden upon the younger dynamic generation, it is obvious that square pegs may not stabilise in round holes. It is natural progression.

Perhaps Darwin did not indent for conservative to be extinct, but if Natural Selection is true then he may have cut off the branch he's sitting on.

People did not think or choose to make changes, they had to survive. They have to work, find jobs, buy food clothes etc. So if their choices are not available, they have to adapt and survive or left behind.

Conservatives among capitalists are obviously lamenting progress of the modern paradigm. At the same time, imposing conservative values by force would not work when you have impending calamities of Climate Change in depletion and extinction.

Static development is anti-capitalism. There is no struggle for progressive growth. It is natural evolution that may have exceeded capitalism but progress doesn't have to be capitalism. And natural evolution is a dynamic movement from the material to the social.

If the stars are aligned, it is elevation from the plane of the material to the layer of the heart and mind. This is relative to virtual, abstracts and intellectual realities of technology that is also compatible with clean energy and Climate Change. Let's turn the wheel moving forward and into the future.

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