Siu: sounds like 'seeyou' or 'shoe', is a Pasefika term to describe someone acting like he/she is poor and desperate uses the circumstances to advantage in asking and gaining more. Only to discover in reality that the siu person has plenty more than most ordinary folks.

Greedy probably suits the character, but I think 'shoe capitalism' makes more appeal to someone who is an economist; a business owner or landlord.

In terms of the landlord, he/she raises the rent when nothing is done to improve the house. And in the height of the housing crisis, he/she evicts a parent with children who cannot afford to pay the increased rent.

The term is particularly relevant in times of hardship during such times as Recession; inflation; unemployment and homelessness. The struggle to make ends meet have folks calling each other shoe capitalists in order to gain more, but when one is desperate, I guess anything goes.

It is often lightly used like a euphemism for mean or stingy uncaring narcissist. So if one is called 'siu' or shoe capitalist, he/she is expected to be a rich person stealing off the poor. That makes shoe capitalists enemies of Robin Hood. Speaking of Robin Hood, the name is also female.

However as we learn more about shoe capitalism, what if the landlord is a businessman who happens to be an economist? Yeah but wait, he is also a leader of an organisation. And guess what, the last businessman in the same position created the housing crisis.

Talking about invalids in position to make law makes daylight robbery a kindergarten game.

Well, that's another story, but a technically advanced document targeting consumers among ordinary folks, researches human evolution parallel to ecological development. According to its findings, fossil fuel is supposed to run dry in about 2050.

Rings a bell! That's exactly the year some big capitalists' countries have targeted for their climate Change goals. That means they know fossil fuel ends in 2050, so they have no choice but change. Meantime, they are not doing anything to reduce Climate Change. So they ride the wave of shoe capitalism, while poor countries tow the Climate Change treaty. Crafty!

I think it's fair to say that rich countries robbing poor countries! But now more than ever, we need more and advanced tools to indicate fake news and misinformation. In so doing, technology is also abused when involved in such make believe and elaborate undertakings.

We have established social tools of trust and recently added intuition to fairly warn us when something is not what it appears to be. We have already learned how passion and desire can trick our perception into seeing something else other than what really is. You know the use of colour, sound, light and movement to deceive.

So when they try to act and behave as if they are true, we know they are not; shoe capitalists! It's our social science that is more reliable than their make-believe science of the material.

True to us is keeping in touch with feelings and senses. If the logic is valid and true, it should entail a relatively healthy and stress-free life.

The social logic is aiming to achieve an objective outcome. This is diverted from aiming to achieve what is right because people didn't like the idea of right as associated with religion. Objective is not seeing as right but achieve a constructive or productive purpose.

To stay within the logic, it is invalid to achieve an objective purpose by using destructive and harmful means. It is also universal when objectivism is generally applied to everyone irrespective of difference.

I have used this before; what is good for Jane must also be good for John. To extend it a bit deeper, it is objectionable for someone who is actively participating in criminal activities to practise law or involve with making laws of a country.

Shoe capitalism will always attempt to avoid responsibilities and get away than a fair share even if lives are at risks. They would continue to deceive us by elaborate material presentation using modern and advanced technology to deceive us.

They have quietly found their way in decision making positions affecting a country's population. It gives us an idea that the struggle for survival is going to get worse when shoe capitalism dictates the terms of survival. When capitalism slows down, capitalists among landlords expect to rise to dictator status, at the same time a fragmented movement for survival bring communities closer.

Capitalism as we have learned from experience would not help us. It simply exercises the law of the jungle; survival of the fittest. It is now up to us. We are conscious of reality and know from unconscious developments of our shared objective.

It's time to quantify belief into objective reality.

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