Procrastination is a term probably more fitting to describing a personal habit of delaying things than a political tactic. There's probably a word for it but to say political laziness departs it from meaningful intention and misses the point.

It's application however raises curiosities about the possible reasons why the delay. And that's where logic comes into play; the logic of things unseen. The sixth sense is based on natural data, knowledge learned from holistic experience of time and place. Intuition is normally applied in an objective sense.

So when the mood is good but the displayed data is antisocial only raises suspicions that something is not quite right. And the logic of intuition is true although material science claims it to be a leap of faith.

For years, the whole world was warned about Climate Change and a required transition of energy from fossil fuel is inevitable. Today when Putin invaded Ukraine that political leaders realised their dependency and started to talk about energy and Climate Change.

This is the conversation they should have had ten years ago. It would nicely fall into action today when mostly needed.

So what are the possible reasons in the data describing the delay? For one, it is the mentality of the era and their generation related to polarity. This is clearly demonstrated by Putin when feeling nostalgic about the past.

Patriotism is pride in one's culture for its ability to provide wealth and providence for all its people. His/her culture becomes the envy of others. But when this pride deliberately invades and deprives another culture that patriotism becomes nationalism. Putin's personal problem becomes a national and international tragedy.

Similar policies in some political organisations authorise policies to deprive and punish other cultures by exclusion and isolation on the basis of difference.

The consistent factor in this abnormality of time is the gap between generations and their nationalistic ideologies. It tends to unilaterally assert and dictate power and authority over others based on difference.

That leads us down the descending spiral of no return. Uniformity in values is not accepting any other people of different cultures or their opinions and sometimes gender and belief. It is pride in one's culture that has turned extreme and become nationalistic.

There is something not quite right when this unilateral uniformity is displayed on the board in the face of a multilateral population. Does it suggest a manipulation of resources?

A time hooked on ideological belief has now appeared and demonstrated in Russia. But within our own local setup are implicit hints of the same. It resists power sharing by preferring to dictate the terms unilaterally. And people would rather have nothing to do with if they don't have it their way.

Water is crucial for life and on the urgent list of depletion as Climate Change deteriorates. But water is a handy source for power and control. Health and medicine are just as crucial in dangerous times. And all these resources become essentials of manipulation. That is why natural resources have to be secured in the public interest, also to avoid conflicts for survival when scarce.

However, the private interests of those with unilateral intention also seek ownership of resources to add to their accumulation. The war for survival has already begun!

The younger generation carry the hopes of the future. They grew up in a diverse environment and more tolerance of difference. They are more likely to accept power sharing than their seniors. But if they are taught by the older generation, then indoctrination and radicalisation is rampant.

In the current state of global affairs, multilateralism is absolutely necessary. We need leaders and countries with similar values who can agree on decisions and refrain from procrastination. The Russian invasion would have come closer to end had global leaders met consensus agreement. But unilateral and dictatorial nationalists have made this impossible.

Some have claimed that providing weapons would only keep the fire burning. Others believe freedom is priceless. I think freedom is appreciated when subjects are subjected to suppressive conditions. That means, it is not acceptable to be dictated to or subject to ill treatment.

That is why freedom is a shared value irrespective of difference. Thus Freedom is not only shared by a multilateral agreement, but also defended by the many.

It is said by popular belief that they may not agree with what is said, but would defend their right to say it. And so be it! The opinion is a representation of the holistic person; his/her mind, body and soul irrespective of his/her race, gender or sex orientation and age. And since freedom precedes the opinion, there is no delay in the fact that freedom is being.

So Putin among nationalists organisation are in violation of the principle of freedom.

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