EEO is on to something in here. Inequality is somewhat sustained by gate keepers and we are talking about political, media and private sector agencies.

The Budget 2022 for example attracted common unpopular reactions from the opposition among its cheer leaders as to why did the government spend so much money on people with needs; with health, education and Climate Change.

BTW, it is a great budget. I admit I have just looked at it today, and I also realise I made a mistake earlier that I received nothing from this budget. Sorry, my wrong! In fact, everybody has benefitted from this budget whether its extension of fuel cost reduction or transport subsidies along with health, education and cost of living.

It couldn't come in a better time than this. Everyone irrespective of who we are, rich or poor. Thank you for the great budget.

I remember during the first year of homelessness when I was helping out, the government in place culled the waiting list by having some low-income people un-eligible to apply for a house.

The housing staff were stressed as people queue up to apply although they knew they were not eligible under the housing crisis creation. These are good workers in the community, but they had to do their job as directed by the government.

The government not only created the housing crisis, but also generated social crisis relations that were heightened above normal. And these relations were hostile.

I have learned that there are public service workers who are followers of a political party and they seem to exercise their own agenda in the service they are paid to deliver.

When Labour became the government, there was something about how staff treated customers that was stressful; some people leave MSD office without interviews and had to go without food among other necessities.

I don't know what psychological ploy MSD applies to shy the needy away from asking for help, but I suspect personal and political agenda play a big part.

Personal agenda may relate to gender power struggles where a female worker abuses her position by harsh treatment of a male client. A political one may deny the customer his/her eligibility as if the customer is from a lower socio-economic class.

It took over three months to finally deal with an application for a service eligible to retirees. But this woman with an accent which hard to understand was really rude. I mean she had to stop herself to think about the words she was using and whether she was swearing. They make an appointment with you then they fail to keep it. And you have to start all over again.

Political or personal, they are gate keepers of wealth and resources for the rich. Now imagine among the children living in Poverty, they are from families with great social needs including communication issues. And to shy away someone with great needs is confronting the disadvantaged among those who cannot speak to defend themselves against a psyche up gate keeper.

These folks need help with interviews and consultation. I know this because I used to represent them against landlords. Some cannot talk in front of an adjudicator and any chance of saving a tenancy is diminished.

How can someone with chronic social needs save a tenancy in court when he/she cannot defend him/herself against gatekeepers in the community?

There is a catch! Being a tenant, one is naturally obliged to endure any harsh treatment from the landlord. They are covered under the RTA 1986 but are too scared for fear of eviction.

You Know the MSD process is open for anyone to hear who you are and why you need help? Anyone on a benefit has low self esteem from the humiliated treatment. It is obviously the reason why some people dread MSD. And if the family and friends can't help, he/she is isolated, stress and needing healthcare.

Thus people with chronic social needs end up with debts and loans as alternatives. And they endure stress, illness, creative ways of making ends meet and escalating social consequences. That exactly is the place we identify as Poverty.

However, if there was an advocate service to help these folks help themselves, it could make a difference in the rate of Poverty and recovery.

Political and personal agenda give rise to the creation of gatekeepers who are culling customers from servicers they are eligible and for some have worked for all their lives. They hold the political and personal belief that people with needs or those from lower socio-economic sectors don't deserve the service.

They seem to protect wealth and resources for the needs of the rich. We are all tax payers and we have worked for your benefit that you are eligible for.

Under extraordinary global crises beyond our control, thank goodness that a Labour government is in office. You know our lot under a right-wing government in office, we are still enduring homelessness from the last National government.

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