Just about every commentator that I trust mentioned that Capitalism is a system of values and respects the people depend upon to sustain their living.

An American stated that 'human is susceptible to suffering but instead of fixing the source of his/her suffering, sustains it' - Internet.

The above is true of our reality where one sees what's wrong, but he/she is afraid to ask or suggest resolutions in fear of repercussions from a great power; of political leaders and their politics.

So the great powers modify the system and strengthens it. Obviously, some benefits from the suffering while others endure the suffering. And security is safekeeping the systemic organisation of suffering.

When a journalist stumbled upon the cause and publicised it, that journalist's life is at risk from the powers that be.

If you enjoy a cigarette smoke, the same time the cigarette smoke is causing damage to your lungs, but every time you try to stop smoking you become anxious and stressful. So you keep on smoking.

It follows that every time you buy a packet of cigarettes someone gets rich the same time you are spending money and energy to damage your health.

And the mental control keeps the cycle of the system turning until the control neurons wears off. Thus the system that protects the cause of suffering and all the constructions established upon it is destined to collapse.

The discovery is nature and human cannot control nature. Human cannot control God.

The recovery from mental control is rapid. In some places; the powers that be is all out to restore its former glory, subdue and impose fear and suffering.

And we are fed with such contradictions as;

We are the suffering who have endured the systemic basis of sustaining the means of survival. And through experience we have learned to liberate our minds from chains of suffrage.

Cutting the mental chain of suffering is unbinding mental attachments to the material. And there you can see the spiral of the rabbit hole all the way to never ending.

And the mental paradigm traces a wave of transformations across the globe. The recovery and restoration in transition demands a new set of mind operation from the old control system of suffering.

And the modern is well on the way; it's Climate Change; it's diversity; it's equity /equality; it's women and the young; it's a mental paradigm.

Rather than feeling nostalgic and opt for force to hang on to the old, nature is more powerful. The powers that be can try to curb natural changes and developments, but nature is resilient it will never be the same again.

Now, the modern perspective is removed from the suffering that endures. The subjective nature of reality is there but it's the objective that stabilises and the new feels like a heaven already!

Obviously the transition is a period of conflicts, threats of war and confusion but like a great flood, it purifies the mind from the old cycle of suffering to the new. It's a conflict between tradition and modernity that we now know it's the conflict between suffering and freedom.

Notice however that some nations have moved the opposite direction and have strengthened the old system, but in so doing disadvantaged themselves from natural and human advancement. It is where nationalists are static and modernists progress.

Linear capitalism is true of the material unit where human becomes the means of production takes over the human form as the material. The movement from linear material to social capitalism is the upward movement from the material to the heart and mind. Human recovers her mind restores dignity and respects for herself.

There is a confusion between socialism and capitalism. It is better explained by social science than material economists. It's about evolution of human behaviour, not a political ideology.

How does the future look like? We can dream; renewable energy is well on the way of replacing fossil fuel in transport. The Pacific had a treaty on nuclear source and who knows, the island nations and neighbours may permit only ships including planes powered by green energy to maintain the peaceful status of the region.

It is not a playground for war, rather a region for peace. A Pacific warrior declared this by saying, 'Malietoa, Malietau; I come not in war, but in peace'. A native treaty respected by kings and chiefs, the basis of a system of respects that rule the Pacific islands nations before the white man. It established diplomatic relations and tourism between the nations.

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