Xrneo is enduring an unknown condition that isolates him from others. He can't read and gets angry when other people make fun of him. This isolates Xrneo from everyone; he can't make friends as his anger drives people away.

When all the senses function to impact a feeling; that's colours, taste, scent, touch and sound contribute to impact a marvellous feeling of happiness; it is desire. It's the fulfilment of a passionate desire.

Xrneo knows what he wants and wish for; he often dreams about reading and communicating with other people. He longs to fulfil his desire, a feeling he had never experienced before.

When Xrneo sees other people talking, laughing and playing; he feels sad and lonely. He longs to join them in conversation but he drives them away when he's angry.

I know, Xrneo doesn't mean to get angry, but every time he gets stuck, anger is triggered and the people lose interest.

So how does society deal with Xrneo and how does Xrneo response? Xrneo has a need and society needs to understand. After all, Xrneo is an individual and individuals are units of society.

In the old society, people like Xrneo are ostracised by labels and stigma; sufferers are isolated and neglected resulting with serious illness and death. You could imagine therefore that old societies weren't very humane.

In the modern, while some people are acceptance of others and their differences, others still remain fearful and on guard.

Group interests are based on one of the two modes; one of materialism and the other of socialism. The old society is more materialism; the modern society is more socialism.

Materialism is not always sensitive to personal feelings and he/she who has a need has to pay for it. Socialism on the other hand takes into account the fact that Xrneo is not alone. There are thousands of other Xrneos out there. And since the condition is discovered to be related to technology, the state provides for the health care of sufferers.

Xrneo's dream is now realised and he couldn't' wait to feel happy.

Let's make this clear, Xrneo's need is being able to read so that he could participate in the activities of his society. Happiness is the by-product of materialising his dream, a feeling he had never experienced before.

The state took over the care of his need as he himself makes an effort to improve. And in so doing, he is able to participate in activities of society as he enjoys his new found happiness.

Xrneo along with others entered into a relationship that binds their organisation to society. It is an expectation and obligation sort of give and take relationship. People are not entirely depended as the state maintains and restore relationships resulting from abnormal developments.

Static organisation of old material societies favours the business owner in lowering wages and increasing the cost of the product where people like Xrneo couldn't afford the healthcare they needed and would never experience happiness.

The modern is maintained by the upkeep of social relations, such that unions and civil societies protest for wages and better conditions for the health and welfare of workers and their families.

This dichotomy between the private business sector where the material is prioritised among the well off is represented by National and right-wing alliance and the public sector of workers among consumers is represented by Labour and left-wing alliance.

In the current state of global affairs, we are experiencing the effects of Climate Change, the Pandemic, shortage of supply, inflation and war. All the consequences accumulate to weigh against the condition of human wellbeing. Between panic and nostalgia, men responses to weapons and protection for material possession; women response with negotiation and sanctions towards peace.

I could be wrong but women are rising to the machine of war if it should come to it.

The old material society is clearly outdated, antihuman and fails to accommodate diversity. The modern society is an exciting complex organisation rich of opportunities to learn; understand and progress. As society progresses to the future, diversity increases and multidimensional perspectives are discovered. It is expanding.

However, the media chamber of misinformation imposes projection of political polarity. That's organising society according to a power structure in the hierarchy of ethnicity, of wealth and as we speak, weapons.

The point is, what would happen if relationships are broken and people resort to their olden ways? It is more than likely that hierarchical uniformed structures replace society. Society is fragmented into polarised groups; each group is structured upon its own hierarchy of power struggles whether it's ethnicity; gender and sex orientation, or social and commercial status.

Does it suggest therefore that these fragmented and polarised groups preceded society. If so, then every time there is a breakdown in society, people tend to go back in time and resort to old behaviours. And nostalgia of historical glory is proven static and destructive.

Xrneo was longing to participate with other members of society. And in order to achieve his dream, society has to understand and accept Xrneo.

It is when Xrneo resorted to his olden ways of harming others that relationships broke down. For whatever reason why Xrneo resorted to his old antics, he soon forgot as he longs for the social company of others.

If the senses combine to express a feeling and the expression is wanting or wishing to experience that feeling, then it is desire. Only that, the desire is unfulfilled. We are warned that what looks good may not be real but beauty is realised in transcendence into being. So the material may deceive us, but elevation and transcended into the layer of being is objectively stable.

It is where Xrneo among others have that innate motivation to search for something new, something stable and something beautiful. Since those qualities are not likely to be found in the past, we are destined to move forward. It is progress.

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