I have learned earlier that absolutism tends to entertain the idea of uniformity. In the argument for creation follows the Big Bang and everything came to being all at once at the same time. From day one, animals were the same age, so are trees and humans. And existent never changed, it remained static forever!

So when oppositions argue against believers, they tend to class them as the same for everyone; believing the same thing and having the same choices or thinking.

Later as one learned to reason, discoveries made and the thinking changed. Humans are born every day and as they grow, they discover and change. The thinking also changed from static uniformity to fluidity. The thinking became a complex undertaking for dynamic humans.

Now when an idea is understood from its origin to the point of here and now, it's the end of its existence. And all of a sudden, dynamic thinkers among those who progress realise if they don't think, reason and imagine what comes after the here and now, it's the end of the world.

In the vastness of existence, if you can't think, does anything exist? It is thinking that we know and understand revelations and discoveries therefore they exist! This gives light to the idea; 'does a tree make a sound when it falls in the forest?'

Luckily we have discovered that life did not all exist at once.

I would say this in here therefore, that human was born to think. The moment human ceases to think is the end of existent.

Non-thinkers had a point of absolutism and uniformity to stabilise oneself at a place or home in time. It is by being solid and stable in a static place that one exists. And a whole lot of consequences developed; thinking is discouraged since it reinforces change. People then found not thinking as comfortable, they begin to copy and imitate what's around them.

Non-thinkers then copy and imitate nature to build themselves, or self-development. And everything in existent is about self. People love themselves that much they can't stop talking about. They argue; they fight; kill and go to war because of their selves and their belongings.

For whatever people do, they begin by looking back. Where did this self come from and what has this self accumulated to stabilise his/her existent. For fear of change, they don't like losing themselves or their belonging, they don't like looking forward.

When people get up to introduce themselves, they say nice things especially what they have done in the past. I know this culture when they make speeches and presentation; if one is given 10 minutes to make a presentation, 8 of those minutes are about oneself blah blah blah. In fact, they have perfected this technic of expression with oral exclamation and clothes to match.

No one gets up and say, uh, I can't find a job and nobody loves me. They would ring the police to remove hm/her from the meeting. Actually, this person got a lot of attention and found help immediately.

One driver complained to the police that he was hit by a car. The car driver said he wasn't looking so he hit the pedestrian. The police took the car driver's explanation and that was that. A courier refused to deliver someone's parcel. When the receiver query about the delay, the customer service explained that the driver refused to deliver and that was that.

You see the danger of not thinking is static development. When the policeman and the courier company subtly accepted trivial reasons for serious business, the people would learn to do the same to the next person. They don't think, instead they copy and imitate life.

And the standards are on the slide but no one notice because everyone's doing it therefore its normal and the culture becomes a way of life.

This is what life of the material and physical existent is about. It's about static development that slides on the spiral to ensure those making a profit are getting richer as those getting poor remain poorer. They don't like change and they don't like your children to think in case they change things.

However as we have learned from revelations, discoveries and what's allowed to be understood, the Big Bang did not cause everything to exist at once. The Big Bang caused the fundamental blocks existent is built upon through time. And now we know that we will discover a lot of creation when we use our mind.

Like the Big Bang, thinking does not reveal and discover everything at once, It's progress and the more one knows I guess the more there is to know.

The descending slide of the spiral is enabled by those who don't think or only thinking to promote non-thinking and remain static. Think about it!

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