The way some of the top notches of the world in a 'Doomslab Documentary' - Internet; talks about pressing issues the world is facing today. They sound like we only have about ten years to change and turn things around. These guys are at the top of their professions know their stuff and mostly there was no hint of bias or discrimination about it.

Such issues as water, energy, economic currency, Poverty, food supply and crime are prioritised as urgent. Crime addresses the mentality during shortages of food such as anarchy and chaos. But surprisingly in light of Ukraine and advance mobilisation, there is no mention of war or at least not in the urgent category.

The term is cognitive dissonance; may explain a reason behind the delay in decisions capitalists and economists make when issues are prioritised on the basis of urgency and importance. I'm thinking that through budget cutbacks and savings or profits, some issues are delayed based on their urgency. A conflict with reasoning may arise when issues clash for example, economic, social and moral.

Politicians may prioritise issues on the populous opportunities to their portfolios or electorates. But how many capitalists and economists do actually believe in Climate Change? I'm guessing none! While Climate Change is devastating life around us, some are still denying it. It is a belief more than fact but in the face of live evidence, the condition is more like cognitive deficit. And the apocalypse could provide an opportunity to make a few bucks!

From experience, those who led us to economic crises and social collapse helped themselves with millions of tax payer money while ordinary folks were left to forage in the wild.

They all agree there is an urgent need to change. But since there is an issue with the male cognitive function, I'm saying men can't be trusted to navigate us out of this crisis. They have guided us to here, and they will only lead us further into the spiral. They are preparing weapons for a doomsday strike.

However, in my list of urgencies, there is a need for a moral principle to stabilise the panic. Men have obviously proven unreliable and the major reason we are in trouble is corruption. Men therefore surely cannot inspire anyone to civil behaviour. They instead continue to inspire extreme individuals and criminal gangs for obvious opportunities.

Women on the other hand are proactively on principle choices attempting to stabilise the crisis. And since their image is relatively innocent to what's going on, women are likely to inspire civil behaviour in dark times.

Following from the observation that in times of trouble, people tend to watch out for own kins and ethnicity before national and global interests. Therefore local developments may favour resolutions.

Having said that, there is a super phenomenal force of consciousness. This super force seems to emerge in times of need. I know some women are anti religion and I'm not sure why the force is associated with religion. However, it is a beautiful phenomenon that transcends contradictions of our material entity. It is positive and objective when in times of need, individual awareness gives rise to something beautiful from within.

Now I'm saying if women leaders work with this force, it is an advantage. This advantage is proven to override kinship and ethnicity preference of polarisation and cognitive conflicts. It would mount a collective approach to do what's right.

It's interesting how the issue of water came up as priority. It follows that contamination from toxic environment including what chemicals we pour down the drain all end up in the water system. It was mentioned that some countries are filtering waste water back to the kitchen as water depletes.

The second factor mentioned follows that water is more important than petrol. Well you can have gas and electricity or ride a bike. But you may not survive after a week or so without water. Nothing grows without water. We seemed to have taken water for granted until depletion and realise that we can't live without it.

There have been reports of local sewage leakage that had contaminated the lagoon and public spaces. For corporations that are only interested in making money may not be serious about the seriousness of water for survival. Obviously as water is depleted worldwide, demand may direct at local supply and again in the wrong hands, it could prove disastrous.

The hot issue is Poverty. I think it's time we look at Poverty seriously and its relation with violence and crime. Hunger is a powerful motivation and when individuals have nothing to lose, extreme violence emerges. This could ignite a chain effect of the spiral.

So to prevent a war against race or culture and status, the authority is seen as exercising a moral or objective principle for all irrespective of difference. This authorises law and order to execute what's required to prevent escalation to a racial or class war.

There is a lot happening before the apocalypse. The awareness towards countdown may provide the impetus for those who have a score to settle, take the law into their own hand. And vulnerable folks may become victims of neighbourhood vigilant crime.

It is the time for believers to exercise faith in the practice of principles. It is time to lead by example and show us what you've been trying to say all this timeā€¦

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