Farmers are unsung heroes of our world; they have provided us choices for food to sustain our lives ever since time. We have taken for granted that food would always be there without a thought for those who provide them for us. May God bless them!

Today, the climate has changed and the need for transition has arrived. Its continuum is evolutionary and survival is the result of transmutation. There is no doubt now that survival is due to the ability to change and adapt to the environment. No, it's not politics or some smart computer, it is natural changes.

Can health be sustained on a full green diet; can meat be farmed in the laboratory; can a feed induced substance to counter methane emission without effect on human; the many more questions we wonder but to achieve a delegate balance in the life of the farmer.

This is now the most urgent issue of global concerns. It's a lifestyle, a culture, a way of living. To continue with the missing memories of a lifetime is perhaps the most difficult decision one has to face. For some may not be as much but for survival we must change.

There is a wealth of knowledge and technical information in farming and the resource could be transferred to other areas where farmers are experts. At the same time, the public and consumer do their part in our social organisation of the means of survival.

I have always thought that farmers are conservatives in political ideologies and perhaps the belief may have led some to think that farming is traditionally absolute. Well, labour has eased by the help of technology but farmers are proud in practically stabilising the food supply of the country.

However, these modern changes have sneaked up on us. It's probably because we have managed to ignore or put them aside for a while, but now they have all bombarded our modern existence. If we don't change now, the lives of our future generation may be tougher than our own, and we don't want that.

At the same time, we don't want to lose our farmers when modern social changes take over.

I was born on a plantation and my first learning experience was enjoying cocoa fruits. I knew the seasons for growth; the seasons for harvest and the market of course. I have never heard of propagation or nursery and breeding, the animals and plants seemed to have taken care of that, naturally.

Now it's a shame, no one goes to the plantation anymore. Nature has practically taken over as humans change their culture and lifestyle. Some have said because they introduced new things to advance growth and then all of sudden plants don't grow as animals got sick.

If we look at it in a perspective, we are placed on a material plane to survive. And as the conditions on the plane change, we learn to adapt, change lifestyles and move on.

Instead, we adopt a political ideology that the material plane is static and so are we. It is ours forever to do whatever and will never change. It is absolute.

And so the seasons are aspects of the cycle that's turning but not moving anywhere far. But now we have learned that life is not static and the seasons are evolving with the plane. So if we don't move with it, we get burn.

Fortunately, our leaders know although not all of them, the delegate balance between transitions from old static belief of the material to the modern dynamic of progress. It has left human vulnerable to nature. That's mind body and spirit although nature itself is the material plane.

I am a meat eater and I have a healthy taste for particular cuts. I cannot always afford what I want, so I have to make the best of what's available. I assure you I'm not the only one, I see them staring at the meat every time I go to the shop, so you know. It would take a very long time to forget farming.

Maybe modern farming is a delegate operation no longer involving gumboots and heavy machinery. But that means we may take a while to adapt to the modern taste.

I wonder if farmers could sell their land for rental housing and may be change their profession to landlord. It is still on material land. They could bring a new style of landlords being workers on the land.

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