What the future holds is a distant memory of the past.

It was originally referred to as a conflict between Tradition and Modernity. It's a bit clearer when talking about the old and the new but it risks hints of agism.

It's not between the old people and the young, it's about time. It's between the future and the past. And the journey of the same people from the past to the future gathers experience and knowledge to advance their progress. Their ideas and establishments formed phenomenon representations of that time. And that phenomenon is known as paradigm.

The setting is a futuristic place in time where the old meets the new. The trouble is, the old has failed to transform and transcend in time, remained static. When the static past meets progressive future, it distorted reality and the people failed to recognise themselves became angry and started a war. The war is between the same people in different times. A war of paradigms!

It could be said it's a war of ideas, a war of the spirit of time. It warns us that the biggest danger in life is static developments, the failure to progress and transform the paradigm in a new spirit. You see, the journey of life expects a new spirit in time. And when there is no spirit for growth and progress, static development is as good as war.

Time is the logic holding ideas and experience in place like a DNA helix making sense of human progress.

For as long as we can remember, Ideas have been developing but so-called ideas are of the same old material. The cycle of ideas is turning but the wheel is not moving anywhere far. A static cycle of deterioration over and over.

Through static developments and experience of the material, people have learned from hardship struggles of inequalities, discrimination, racism and forceful subordination. People have endured Poverty, epidemics, famine, conflicts and unrest.

Some have confined to the comfort of drugs and alcohol to escape reality; others couldn't cope with life anymore. But the younger generation had witnessed the human condition of a time decided what the future should hold for them. It's their life, their future their paradigm.

Young leaders emerge to change the landscape of political representation. A major overhaul of energy to address Climate Change, extinction and depletion. The future is here.

Unfortunately, the old nostalgic of the static material is unmoved and reluctant to transform into something new. A change of energy is seen as a loss of advantage of power therefore loss of control and subordination of the mass.

If human is learning from experience and advance in progress, then obviously new ideas are logical for the time and the future is inevitable. But through addiction to fossil fuel, power and control, those who were left behind are reacting to the symptoms of their desires.

Ukrainians among others value their freedom and their future. But Putin has decided to kill them including children and the aged. He warned that anyone who interferes will face shift electric actions. And that has demonstrated how static developments are developed. Fear!

Fear of losing friends; fear of losing family; fear of losing a job and fear of dying. So is the future likely to be frozen in time because of fear? It is Putin who needs a short sharp shock into the future instead. Whether he can cope with reality of others besides himself is another story. But human must not be deprived from the threshold of transformation into something beautiful, something new.

Freedom, peace, humanhood irrespective of difference, well it's paradise.

The earlier stages of the journey of time for me had marked refined progress from habits and customs to the reality of cultures; of ideas; of the arts and beliefs. These should be legitimised symbols of the future and civilisation rather than monuments of dictators among their atrocities.

As we have come to understand, it is very difficult to change and let go of the past especially when advantageous to one's standing. But the one that affects the lives of many is most unreasonable.

For the social, the individual is part of fair acquisitions of distributions. This fairness traces through systems of consumerism, work and trade. The fair collective action of individuals gives rise to the maintenance and stabilisation of the economy that supports a nation. And a nation trade with other nations is relatively fair despite the difference in values and cultures.

However, our reality under the current mode of maintaining the material means of survival is not very fair. It is unequal. It is inequality that had caused some to migrate into the future and leave dictatorial regimes in the past.

So killing the people of the future is depriving humanity of advance civilisation.

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