Why should the world's direction depend on decisions made by individual world leaders to continue a repeated cycle of violence when the majority of the global population want peace?

No one leader wishes to be a looser especially in the eyes of onlookers. So if there was no audience, then would political bargain hunters be more discreet in meeting a deal behind closed doors? Probably not because this is not only prime opportunity for all concerns including the media and political gains, but also for local hopefuls.

In a standard sale's package, transparency demands honest legitimate and some form of moral conditions on human rights and Climate Change mechanisms for trade.

However, this social diplomatic package has fallen short of power struggles. The 'tit for tat' exchange between US and China is an example that it's not possible to accomplish a win-win bargaining outcome between adversaries. But we must admit that striking a deal is a good start not only for the global economy, Climate Change and human rights, but also for peace.

Thus a standard package deal is an ultimate achievement for social, political and economic objectives.

Instead, we have witnessed how things can quickly get bitter and turned south by the minute. The tit for tat engagement turned into a full-on trade war, and trade relations is now a capitalist tool for power bargaining. No one wants to be seen weak and defeated, so sky is the limit of extreme madness. The onlookers, the people, bear the consequences of such ineptitude.

It must be a mentality stuck in history when warmongers among private individuals among capitalists continue to subordinate the people by autocratic rule. In light of that, we can be assured that a great part of that dialogue depends upon his/her pride and ego. And the familiar one who relies on populous opportunities to feed glorious grandiose delusion trades on a blood bargain.

The ultimatum of a blood bargain is a human shield against bombardment, or bombing domestic areas and targeting security sites.

And the truth is witnessed by onlookers, the people and global anticipants who provide a third party to trade relations.

Among the onlookers are the people who have lost their families, their culture and home, have become refugees; those who are struggling to make ends meet against the rising cost of living due to war and this can account for a global audience.

The above people are consciously aware of developments realise their common struggle. They form the collective consciousness overlooking trade deals and relations. This awareness has realised an injustice naturally moved to attempt at righting the wrong. Onlookers, anticipants, the people, attract to unite in consciousness and form a paradigm force quantified in individual actions towards their collective consensus.

This paradigm force gathers momentum in unity as the world unites in consciousness quantified by individual action. Companies, corporations and consumers work to isolate the target and deplete supply to their malicious invention.

This may sound new, but for failure to realise a powerful resource has always been there. May be repressive colonisation and subordination to control the mass had something to do with. But in here it's re-emergence, the Consciousness Paradigm.

In Science Fiction, a Stargate is a door entrance to a different dimension. I always thought that Aliens could be visible by entering a different dimension. In here, it suggests that the human physical or material form is not transported to a different dimension, rather it is the consciousness. How much of existence rests on expansion of the consciousness is exciting.

The mind is not only responsible for reality but its simulation and dimensions. The human material civilisation is considered by me as the oldest form of existence in the hierarchy of dimensions. Human among Creatures are stuck and static in repeated cycles of material deteriorations that have failed to transcend to a higher form in another dimension.

What any writer may refer to as forbidden knowledge is emerging. The concept of God appears to be much closer to human than first believed, and as much as in the DNA as opposed to existence and watching from heaven.

I want to refer to the point in here that; 'may be repressive colonisation and subordination to control the mass', is not referring to religion but to capitalists among rich individuals in market formation.

Religion is instead responsible in part for liberation of the mind and thought. God has given human his/her freedom to choose. We have opened our eyes, experienced pain and freedom and have come to realise our shared pain with other humans decide what ought to be the right thing to do.

While our collective consciousness had united us in an autonomous decision, there are a few who might be ruled against the collective because of immediate relations or fear.

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