The Oscar Slap is a fortuitous incident in the fundamental basis of human behaviour. With due respects, it is now proven that the first and foremost purpose of human is self-preservation; that requires self-defence and maintenance. It precedes a meaning to life that human has natural instincts for self-defence as part of life.

It explains how human has tendency to build accumulations of wealth and resources including food, medicine and weapons for defence therefore self-preservation. It must also provide some reasons as to why war is necessary.

We are still in the cave under survival of the fittest mentality that he/she who has the most powerful tools and weapons takes all. And violence is a valuable tool hardwired and applied strategically for self-preservation purposes. This is somewhat packaged by the entertainment industry, copying and imitating moves and styles for success.

However, I did say that instincts can overwhelm rational thinking even in the best of human. And that must be a basic problem for human to react under the pressure of harm. Apart from physical violence, harm is also achieved by verbal abuse or ridicule and mockery. They are forms of emotional and psychological abuse.

It is generally claimed that violence is not condoned, nothing justifies it. So if verbal abuse is harmful emotionally and psychologically, then the reaction to harmful abuse is self-defence. Some cultures called this defence of mana and cultural pride. People of all cultures have lost their lives not only because of harm but also of defence.

It must show that self-defence is hardwired in the brain for instincts to react naturally when one is in danger of harm. Thus self-defence must be considered a natural fundamental basis of human behaviour, a natural right. It is legal under certain circumstances under common law.

Un-provoked verbal abuse, ridicules and mockery are somewhat justified by the so-called freedom of speech. But if freedom of speech is harmful, then it must be liable for harm and instigating a violent reaction. The violent reaction is not planned, rather, natural. A natural reaction in defence must also be legal under certain circumstances especially on unprovoked abuse.

Nations with the means to impose violence have used their capability to invade and seize another nation's resources, even that is somewhat considered a right. But this so-called right must surely be annulled by disproportional means of defence. It must render the invasion illegal.

What has religion got to do with unprovoked verbal attacks? The bully knows he/she can get away with under the pretence of free speech. But there's political propaganda hiding behind the banner of free speech.

The social and moral approach is practising non-violence. That's learning to control instincts and knowing oneself. But even that is a struggle against nature when violence is promoted for economic achievements.

If nurture works alongside nature in harmony, there is no reason why humans should react in self-defence. That's if we don't have a reason to react and if that potion of the brain is under-developed. But no such luck when the biggest power in life has the biggest means of imposing violence to accomplish its rule and dictate life.

An arm's race parallel to economic achievements must once in a while exercise how powerful it is to bomb another country to the ground to achieve nationalist interests. That's the same old crap of old to keep the smoke of violence looming.

This in part is due to repressive colonisation of feelings and senses. We are punished for the same act others seem to get away with. Most importantly, those who are becoming aware have experienced the human effects of such injustice.

In the modern, folks have experienced and witnessed the effects of Climate Change; they have experienced and witnessed injustice to other people because they are different. In the same way, the consciousness is aware of human atrocities of war.

The adversaries are the business and political propaganda machine in social media and entertainment industry. They continue to capture humanity by control of the material means of survival. But we now know the collective consciousness is natural and can emerge to make a difference.

President Biden initiated a non-violent approach; a natural reaction aiming to defend and stop if not to minimise the effects of war. While not all nations joined in sanctions, the natural reaction impacted a negative effect on the dictator of war.

So when unprovoked violence is imposed upon an innocent group, a natural reaction to prevent harm is self-defence. The consciousness awareness is natural and the reaction to violence is also natural. When the whole world is one in consciousness, a natural reaction to violence and preservation of life; it is inevitable that some natural phenomenon shall occur.

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