When Climate Change heats up, can the cool heads of Modernity stabilise an epic conflict outbreak for the sake of survival? For me, I'm happy foraging off grid, but may not be able to cope under heatwave conditions.

Here's the point, those who denied and contributed mostly to Climate Change are talking up insurance and compensation or what the public can offer to recover their properties. But in the process, there is no mention of the ordinary working folks who made selfless sacrifices to reduce carbon emissions.

Where's the justice? It's the same old cycle of deterioration turning over and over! When do we ever learn!

We are indigenous of the land irrespective of origin. Our ancestors survived by hunting, food gathering, navigation and exploration. I know they didn't get an Oxford education, but they knew their way around Nature.

They have navigated their way around the world by reading the stars; they knew a type of crop for a season; type of fish on certain weather conditions and hunting in a time of day. This is sacred knowledge that bound tradition and passed down the generations. The question is, how did they know?

Hey look, we are here today means they have not only succeeded but advanced in the standard of living without destroying the land!

Now in the modern, those who went to university appropriated this knowledge and called it their own. What was freely available on the land is now available for a price to non-tribal members. And they invented a symbolic representation of their gods to control trade and exchange.

Modern technology had manipulated the gene to change the cause of Nature to their monetary advantage. But since the dollar is not worth the paper written on and depletion is more than likely during seasons of drought, the price of food is sure to offset by demand without safety measures.

And Tradition in the wrong hands of the modern transformed a symbol of dogmatic belief among the privileged; their symbolic representation of control alienated Nature.

What was Tradition then has become Modernity now and nature becomes a media construct. The sacred truth during the cause of modernisation has faded to a myth.

The people are fed with delusional desires to control their minds are captured in a media matrix enclosed. And true knowledge for survival is buried in delusional layers of media madness.

In the struggle for survival, conflicts have risen and movements traced footsteps to natural settlements. Knowledge of survival is taken advantage of, modified to generate wealth for the private sector. And wealth has afforded them mansions and forts of accumulation.

So the strategy follows that Tradition is taken advantage of to capture and control the mass. The captured are enclosed in media delusions to generate wealth for the private sector.

Even in the height of the pandemic, families among children and elderly are left stranded in isolation. Yet, the private sector business party is only concerned about individual shareholders and their properties!

And Modernity is a delusional world created by the media for their owners' profit. Come to think of it, are antivaxxed protestors hired to stage a part in redirection of attention from the truth!

Meanwhile, if you can reach your true being and free your self from the media matrix enclosed, may be a binding effort can unite the captured to break the matrix and free themselves from the media mirage.

The world has enough weapons to destroy earth twice over. The last thing we want is to vote in warmongers among dictators in the private sector, is like handing them a mandate to destroy our world, us included.

However, surviving Climate Change is now priority and could be difficult for some because of media promotions of desires and narcissistic behaviour. But victims would soon learn that survival is priority over the material.

We don't need media spin and ideological dictate in our time of need. We need practical help for everyone irrespective of difference to unite diverse traditions that links us back to Nature.

And this is where it matters: refugees; those who endured hardships; those who have confronted persecutions and discriminations have wealth of knowledge and experience to provide the many valuable tools require for our survival. This is sacred knowledge of traditions.

Theoretical suggestions in systemic organisations are useful but are not only nepotistic but they have also led us to where we are today. When all this glossy fabrication is crumbled to the ground, the brain should be cleansed to find a natural link to Nature.

And the sacred knowledge of tradition should be protected and remained a mystery. Our forefathers were too innocent and trusting to freely passed down the key to survival!

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