PONZI JUNK28/02/22

When the usual world leaders are engaged in spinning the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it's a break from antagonising China; well, almost. But the media on the Pandemic and antivaxxed continues to fuel propaganda; the message is decoded; fear therefore control.

That's supposed to confuse and subdue the mass from being informed and rising chaos against some vulgar policy imposition, usually in the interests of the status quo. You know, the privileged few get wealthier and the mass well, you know what.

We know inflation is offset by shortage of supply, but at the same time there's a boom in pharmaceutical vaccines. There is also a housing boom that has stripped housing of any social values.

So if housing and pharmaceutical shareholder wealth cannot stabilise the economy, then both industries do not contribute to economic generation or GDP. Nonetheless, they project the elevation of income to increase inflation for the rest of us. So inflation in a sense is rising income for the top earners necessarily pushing up the cost of living.

I have earlier claimed that printing money to fund business is cheating workers and consumers out from generating the economy. Instead of working, getting paid and shopping for your needs, the manufacturer is receiving the costs of goods and services from grants and handouts. There's no need for a working class.

Someone was saying it's a Ponzi scheme. The idea of housing is investing on the dollar to inflate its value paid for by the house buyer. And the house buyer is none other than the prospective investor who would sell the house for a profit. Since there is no labour, profits increased and shareholders become millionaires.

I'm sure the invisible feeling of being rich can become a powerful material desire that could transformed one's perception of life. And we could all suffer the symptoms of a Ponzi junk episode.

So how many more millionaires have popped up during the pandemic and the Russian invasion when we are hoodwinked by antivaxxed protestors? Are shareholders the real culprit? Who are the real shareholder millionaires raising the gap of inflation for the rest of us; our contribution to their wealth?

That raises a question, are antivaxxers paid to front a protest to redirect attention? Sadly for some of them, vulnerable ones among children have not only toiled their labour for nothing, but have also risked contamination from Covid-19.

Some of these shareholders live overseas and are often disguised by a trust or a company. Other shareholders live locally but are hiding behind a trust or a corporate entity. They are clients of banks and financial companies.

It's no surprise to find the upper and middle class hiding behind the disguised of shareholder corporations. So, when profit can be generated from thin air, the working class is no longer needed to generate the economy.

What now? Let's say the bourgeoise society is no longer propped by the working class; the means of sustaining their lifestyle has to come from somewhere. At the same time, profits no longer require the working class' input in the generation of the economy. Does it explain the shareholder's role and the rise of inflation?

If the cost of production is inflated by investment demands, and without labour goods and services are made by robots, it doesn't make sense because workers among consumers have to purchase. And that means they have to supply labour. An economy without a functional social structure may not work.

How then can you redistribute wealth in order to have a functional society? I think that when an economy has too many monetary investments such as corporate shareholders, labour force is redundant as their prospective buyers escalate the cost of existing goods. But this also inflates the price of goods manufactured by labour especially among hospitality and small business with fewer resources.

So small businesses, hospitality and labour obviously need a cash injection to catch up with inflation. And society is now truly separated between economic status.

I guess greed is human and one's material desire for more is greater and stronger than social objectives for the many, so who's kidding who?

It makes sense if the vulnerable are paid to create a smokescreen for the rich among nationalists and fundies. Now, might as well add Ponzi junky in the mist.

So, who is going to win the war of propaganda? I think the entities who have and owned everything will win. Who would want to be on the losing side of doing what's right when we can all indulge in our subjective junk desires to the end?

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