It's time for the mainstream corporate media to reverse its role if it's still relevant to the public in keeping with Climate Change and human survival. It's time to withdraw from it's political role of promotion of the private sector production and economic growth to the promotion of human wellbeing.

That of course is a role unfamiliar with the media when attempting to promote wellbeing irrespective of gender and ethnicity.

In the current state of global affairs ie; Climate Change; shortage of resource supply due to depletion; Pandemic; short of labour due to the Pandemic, money accumulation; inflation; right wing and religious fundamentalist protests; Putin's war; fear and confusion, are measuring up to normal standards.

The media has somewhat convinced the public to tolerate fear and confusion as normal, while fully engaged in the promotion of economic growth. Noted that economic growth has transitioned from generation of wealth to accumulation of money, investment, consumer manipulation and inflation is the new norm.

The monetary system may not depend so much on the value of raw resources as money is the product in itself. Instead Trade and development is based on external social factors such as consumer manipulation and creation of demands.

That is why if the media remains on its traditional role of promotion the private sector goods and services, it would openly promote social roles in the manipulation of trade relations. Most recently, reports on antivaxxed protests are in fact promotion of confused relations in favour of consumption.

The social organisation of such propaganda is likened to a communist regime where surveillance adds to strict subordination of the consumer sector. And we are truly static enduring half-life of plugged units.

I figure if we don't do something to reverse this social abnormal behaviour now, then we might not be able to save ourselves in time. We are likely to head straight to the cliff with eyes wide open.

Covid-19 has proven to save lives and millions died from the virus is solid proof. This is supported by law that vaccination is the right thing to do.

However, a court judge ruled in favour of antivaxxers' protest freedom not only to continue protesting but also overrule the law to allow unvaccinated individuals to work and mix in with the public without safety precautions.

The second factor in this confusion follows a pro-support demonstration for Putin's war in the invasion of Ukraine. The former antivaxxed protest rule has provided the precedent that freedom to do un-right is also a right.

The dye has cast and now there is no going back. When the right thing to do is measured, it must also weigh against what is (un-right) not the right thing to do.

So when you arrive at an accident and someone is in urgent need of help to save his/her life, the logic must measure what is the right thing from what is the un-right thing to do. And we might end up with a half right half un-right decision in which could deny the injured from full help he/she needs.

That means, what was right under the circumstances is now a relative right that could either be right or un-right. Un-right is not wrong, it refers to specific circumstances of the incident in question.

We have naturally established exceptions in emergency cases when involving life or death decisions. But knowing an innocent person who is fully vaxxed and protected could be contaminated by an antivaxxed patient or co-worker is risking his/her life, knowing the fact that the person he/she is helping don't think so much about life.

This is now the reality we are confronted with. Every time we realise a potential harm in our community, we naturally attempt to do something about. But now we must include the freedom of the harm to exist among us as also a right thing to do. And we continue to build walls around ourselves for protection only to be undone by un-right freedom.

One political party may promote wellbeing for all individuals of society irrespective of difference, another political party promotes health and welfare of one culture thus denying resources to others based on their ethnicity, is now within the norm of society.

You could be minding your own business at home when someone else comes along and abuse the hell out of you, is now considered normal.

Is it likely that a devoted group engaged in praise and worship spiritually until another group came along and yell abuse at them; so, in turn the religious group yell the devil back at their enemy!

Under this mentality when destruction of Climate Change arrives, we are probably thinking dying is the right thing to do.

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