If the absence of harm and pain make a peaceful environment, people may be bored and desire some stimulating excitements. So individuals are free to create their fun, as long as they comply with peace principles.

The chief is in the throne of control where all individuals are connected to. He/she observes that harm and pain are diminished and peace is maintained.

All individuals and their activities are connected to base control which execute command. And for as long as individuals comply with peace principles, they are free.

This is until a virus invaded peace colony and cut the connection between base control and individuals. It liberated individuals to do as they wish. It's a new found freedom, but one that is attached harm and pain. That there is no more boundary protecting individuals from harm and pain. And the peace colony became a colony where some strong individuals take advantage of the weak ones.

The weak ones now prefer control to protect them from harm and pain. But the strong ones prefer freedom without conditions and responsibilities.

So the weak ones depend upon the chief to some form of control for their protection. At the same time, the chief connection to all individuals is severed. The chief can only do what he/she can under the circumstances.

At this moment in time, another virus invaded the former peace now pain colony and attempted to restore its former glory. But instead of connecting all individuals back to the chief, it connected everyone to each other. Freedom therefore is not following a set of rules or conditional and submittance by fear, but a conscious awareness of the collective rule.

To get back to the beginning, individuals have only one antenna on their head, a two-way system to the chief. After the first virus wave, individuals had their antennas cut and nothing was sticking out on their heads anymore.

However, when the second virus wave strike, it not only restored the original antenna but had also created many more antennas connected each and every one at the same time.

Now the individual is aware of all information in the colony to make up his/her own informed decision. The individual like any other one is quick to claim credit of his/her good decisions, but slow to own up to the consequences of his/her not so good decisions.

The collective is aware of the not so good decisions and their consequences, but the responsible individual is no-where to be found. He/she has joined the chorus of blame to hide their own not so good decisions.

Obviously, no one wants to experience harm and pain let alone blame, so individuals are forced to defend their freedom.

From peace, to pain and blame, the search for freedom is chaos. Where on earth might one finds freedom without pain?

One scientist claimed that when that painful portion of the body is disconnected from the brain, it no longer feels pain. That means, the body can still connect to the brain, but the connected data is not about his/her body.

So if the connection is intact but the information conveyed is not about one's own selfish desire, but positive and objective about the community?

The chief holds a principle role in the protection of individuals from harm so while connected to the chief and others, he/she is fairly safe.

The body remains connected but it's not indulging in selfish material desires. Instead, the individual is engaged in principle objectives from the mind.

The instant the individual falls back to selfish desires of the body, is the very moment he/she is caught in the cycle of harm and pain, violence and crime.

The cycle of deterioration is a struggle between the mind and body, mental and material desires. In the colony, it is a struggle between pain and peace.

Can you change your mind and feel at peace with yourself, your environment and the world? If you have a brand-new mind, it doesn't matter if you don't have designer clothes or the latest Hydrogen EV. No matter how testing rumours savage your character, that portion of the body, the self is not connected to the mind. The new you are instead engaged in principle objectives of the community.

These positive and objective ideas are passed down from the mind to the cells to replace the old ones from your body. Positive and objective ideas function to maintain your health and wellbeing. It safeguards you from harm and pain. It is a fact that the body can heal itself by having a positive, objective and healthy mind.

Mathew 16:25. 'For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it'.

First, life as human sees it is the physical existent of the material or body. When we focus our energy trying to upkeep the selfish desires of the body, it overwhelms and possess our minds. The mind then connects material desires to the body and perceives heightened instincts or something else in place of reality. (e.g., fruits look more colourful and sweeter or in case of fear, a wild beast).

Let's say Jesus is the chief; the holder of principles in the mind. Now, if the individual disconnects his/her material life; his/her material freedom and desirers of the body from the mind and replace them with positive and objective principles, the body is transcending the material into being.

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