Being aware of ourselves in relation to others in society is a natural realisation of a bond that binds us. The quality of this bond is characterised by the exercise of freedom of thought, feelings and senses in a natural state of being.

This natural awareness gives us the confidence to feel comfortable, accepted and belong to a group of humans. Being human therefore is a value characterised by freedom of thought, feeling and senses. The exercise or expression of this natural freedom is an inalienable human right.

What thoughts, feelings and senses that we share in common are values we practice in the organisation of family, culture, belief, communities; are also values in the formation of id.

When we first see someone, we usually notice their gender, their race and their appearance. This is usually enough to make a prejudice judgement on the person from his/her appearance. And we go down the rabbit hole making all sorts of stereotypical associations and what have you, usually harmless if one can distinguish reality from the imagined.

Based on our prejudiced preconception, we tend to show likings towards attractive people and somewhat antisocial towards others. And you know if the feeling is mutual then the start of a friendship ensued, or not.

We don't usually like anyone to tell us how to think or feel, this is influenced by our feelings, emotions, heart, mind and belief or internal. After all, it is a freedom to do so.

We admit that we are all from different cultures, genders, beliefs and communities. But notice a growing awareness of shared values in the realisation of human needs, especially in times of trouble.

People seem to feel the same thoughts and feelings in realisation of those in trouble, yet no one is telling them how to think or feel, in spite of the media. And these collective feelings and thoughts exist in social media.

Something wonderful has emerged from the subjective material. It transcends beyond normal expectations of the ordinary to unite people irrespective of difference. It's feeling and thoughts with those who are victimised by war, by violence and hard done by injustice.

We have learned that it is corporate media and political propaganda that are creating fake news in promotion of their politics and their brand. They have also targeted individuals who happen to stand up for their rights with demonisation and scaremongering.

So when an innocent individual is victimised, a collective realisation of thoughts and feelings emerge. It is powerful and morally righteous than any other authority. It is natural, it is a liberating democratic voice of the people. And this voice is heard all over the world when Putin invaded Ukraine.

And the social media has achieved a common and greater good amidst the repressive propaganda.

Note this natural phenomenon a real and scientific fact, there is no doubt that ordinary people are not responsible for the propaganda of fake news, confusion and fear. They are the vulnerable targets. The real perpetrator of controversies is the media. That's what it's good at to draw attention to its political and business promotion of its masters.

The reason why the media involves with dictating the topics of debate is to promote and protect as a gatekeeper the interests of the few business and political elites, just like the Russian Oligarchical class. Thus the media has always been a powerful tool used by their masters for subordination and control of the mass.

A little while ago, non-European students were banned from studying certain subjects. On leaving schools, the same students were not eligible to access opportunities and resources including promotions and management positions.

A few years down the track, Maori and Polynesians students were over represented by failure and truancy. And the level of Maori and Pasefika education declined from then on.

Today, Aotearoa could have been right up there but for gatekeepers in the interests of a few elites. Specialist jobs are filled by overseas personnel who now make up the middle class.

The media gatekeepers continue to dictate what's published and what's banished, or who to promote and who should be persecuted. It had decided who should be leader and influenced what political party should rule. The media had become the mighty judge and executioner of a public order.

People are forbidden to dream in a gross violation of inalienable human rights. Freedom of thought and expression of feelings are shackled in repressive subordination.

Now if we should compare the natural phenomenon of consciousness transcendence that united the collective thought and feelings of the people irrespective of difference, with the powerful force of the gatekeeping media dictate of what's should be good for the people in the interest of a few elites, the obvious choice is freedom - liberation of the mind.

Lose the gatekeeping media now and Aotearoa would achieve real freedom to unite in the achievement of the common good. It is the future. However, there would be a few defects who prefer to carry on with anti-protest to the common good. But a transformation from the old to the new would put Aotearoa back to its place among others on the top of the world.

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