Doing something different, something new is near impossible when we are static doing the same thing over and over. We seem to be progressing forward when we are in fact, stuck in enduring struggles of the material.

Everything different is good when it's supposed to make money thus money is the motivation but money accumulation serves no objective purpose for society other than to inflate the cost of living for everyone else.

And in our pursue of desire. we are tightly bound by the rule of feelings and emotions as well as expectations of tradition, culture and society. We wake up every day as slaves in the struggle to fulfil our desires and expectations we depend upon.

So to break out of this cycle of deterioration is trying to escape from the mind of tradition; culture and society. But little do we know that anyone can be free. Freedom is not a new idea although it could be achieved at a price.

There is gradual trend that reality is created by the mind. If so, then all one has to do to be free is to change his/her mind and tradition; culture and society follow.

However, it's not easy to change one's mind if it's corrupted and ruled by feelings and emotions. That means when the cravings of your feelings surface, it is back to the old familiar cycle of deterioration. It's basically back into the safety and security of the shell of one's self.

In the mind are layers of reality. At the very bottom of layers is the plane called material. And the material plane is the home of the self. It is barricaded by ties and bounds of desires as well as reinforcements of expectations of tradition; culture and society.

In here, we are so tightly bound by feelings and senses we cannot free ourselves and escape to another plane or layer to save ourselves. Instead, we become slaves of desires of the self and in so doing we have not only imprisoned our true beings within the bounds of feelings, we are also destroying earth by consuming the means of fulfilling our material desires.

That's right, we cannot see anything beyond this plane because our vision is limited to the material of our selves. And everything in the material plane is a copy passed down through time, is repeated over and over. We are born, we become addicted, we struggle to fulfil our desires and expectations and die. And this is the beginning and the end of the material. We are born on this plane and die on this plane. Born to die in the cycle of deterioration.

So how can you cause a harmless effect for one to discover the door to other planes and find something new? Something new is not a copy or imitation of nature. It is purity that can envision beyond the boundaries of the material.

Someone who is pure is not corrupt or tied down by feelings and senses. And a pure perception is not the passion of feelings and senses, but the longing of the heart and mind. It is the collection of ideas and thoughts that form pure principles.

A pure principle is not originated from nature, or copied from an original. Love. Compassion, kindness, forgiveness are examples of pure ideas which became pure principles. But they transcend the material from the lower level to the next plane.

In the next plane, we depart from the ties and attachments of feelings and senses and elevate to the layer of the heart and mind. We shed the shell of the self in order to make light travel to the next layer. The metamorphosis in the life of the body is transformed to the heart and mind.

In the language of the Bible, it is dying to the body to be reborn to the heart and mind or the spirit. The trouble is, when one is cleansed of material contamination of feelings and senses, there is no place on earth for him to find comfort. This is because the whole world is contaminated with the material.

And soon enough, the transformed person is isolated and forced to return to the olden ways of the material. And the static cycle of deterioration turns over and over.

There are individual journeys of the elevated, but they are somehow isolated from society as if it's a disease. It suggests the lifestyle is not recommended in the material world for obvious reasons of capitalism, the mode of organising the material means of survival.

Let the truth out loud that the system organising the material means of survival has depleted the very resources we depend upon and our earth is subject to destruction of Climate Change.

There is the obvious choice that human has arrived at the next layer of existence. It is emotionally painful to wean from addiction of the material, but it has proven by various travellers that the process is just as easy as changing one's mind.

The material dies and ends here; we are reborn to the new.


This article does not endorse death to the material as real death. It is metaphorical death to suggest the end of materialism, the rule of feelings and senses. Reborn is elevation from feelings and senses to heart and mind.

A.I. robots are streets ahead of human in this system of organisation ruled by rational and logical reasoning, but for human it is the heart and mind. And the movement from feelings and senses of the body to the heart and mind is human progress from materialism to intellectual or rational organisation.

If human does not reborn to the next layer, it doesn't matter where he/she shifts to in other planets, soon that planet shall be subjected to destruction.

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