The danger of static ideology is holding on to the past, the same time modern human progress to the future. Under old ideologies, the ego or self is tied to tradition; possessed by a false and dangerous perception.

Can the modern progressive people of China influence their leaders for regional stability is a placated choice from renewed calls for democratic reform. It's a test for a populous leader who is renowned for moral reforms. Could this be the inevitable test of time?

It's a choice between the land and the people; between the market and production. Putin may gain land advantage, but loses the people. And without the people in the market, it's a losing war. And Communism resorts back to static traditional ideologies associated with depression in the era of atrocious regimes.

The way the world is stacking up, it is isolation in empty land.

Modern Socialism exercises a certain amount of freedom, the difference between static ideological control and modern progress. Diversity is proven to be the fertile patch between the land and the people; it is growth; it is progress and stability.

That is why young leaders who have grown up with modern reality are less possessive about traditional hang ups. The older folks are susceptible to narrow visions of the material; the younger folks are more dynamic.

That's what I was going to talk about, the modern brain and A.I. developments. Are there algorithms for each sphere of the brain or is there just one algorithm taking over the whole brain function? The integrated functions in one algorithm or network of independent algorithms?

In my choice of computers, I prefer independent functions because if something goes wrong, you just look at the independent one rather than fixing the whole brain. Besides, it resembles the network of nerve communications.

If the mind houses a two-layer filtering process to modify the thought or idea and change the act but A.I. is limited to a single layer function of analysing data to output meaning, there is a chance of mixing good, bad and harm in one pile.

That could be interpreted as having no morals, values or rules and all humans are a one-dimensional entity. This is exactly what the consumer market requires, consuming without questions whether it's good or bad, harmful or not.

It's a narrow vision of reality. Human without dreams, wishes, desires, inspirations, compassion and love is not human.

However, there is a process of machine learning from human of desired and undesired attributes. Since there is no autonomous and independent mind to prioritise ideas and principles, this process is developed from the ground up. The A.I. function therefore tries to learn or imitate how human feels, desires or love.

And according to A.I. knowledge, feeling could be a hot or cold sensation; desire is wanting to feel hot or cold sensation for something and love is feeling hot or cold sensation for someone. One is engaged in activities to output hot or cold temperatures. And a modern trend of portable heaters is a natural human fashion.

Then complicated humans express their desires by hostility towards the object of their love. And if A.I. temperature under envious and jealousy conditions is untested, watch out for self-harm or should I say self destructive devices.

And the ultimate task of scientists among artists is definition and expression of that human energy in reality. But the task for autocratic rulers is to own and possess that energy. If scientists and artists are therefore funded by rich autocratic rulers, then the future explains surveillance, control and subjugation.

The consumer class is subjugated to consume without questions; whether right or wrong. That is trying to control the soul. At the same time, there is no soul without natural feelings of freedom, love, dreams and desires.

And the narrow vision of the old ideological tradition that is obsessed with the material perceives the object of its desire. Between the self and integrated A.I. the future civilisation? No, because the human element of the soul is missing and consumer class organisation is not fully human.

How do scientists among artists define the freedom to dream, to desire and to love is not a literal description of meaning, but objective expressions of the soul. Humans cannot be enslaved to consume materialism whether good or bad, right or wrong.

And no decent rational human can put up with such organisation. Atrocious regimes may win the land but loose the people. And empty land without a soul is Nothingness.

In the absence of autocratic rulers and static ideologies, the human spirit shall emerge to inhabit the land of human objective developments.

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