If wealth is created by production of goods and services which in turn depend on consumption, at the same time consumers need an income to buy goods and services, then labour is also a crucial factor in the creation of wealth. It is the social organisation of the economy or society as we know it.

Of course, the trader can borrow money from the bank to buy goods and services to resell for a profit and pay back what he/she owes. But while the creation and accumulation of money is not the same as generation of wealth, social organisation of the economy is undercut by rich accumulations in manipulation of price control and manufacture of demands.

This is heavily imposed upon consumers by living off debts, or high cost of living and starvation. And that links consumers directly to rich accumulation rather than generation of the economy. What justifies the increase in rent when the tenant is not enjoying any improvement in the house other than wear and tear of time?

The fact that the landlord either borrows the money to build the house, then rent it and waits while his investment accumulates money for himself and not for society.

Workers and consumers among the poor rely on the social organisation of the economy for sustaining a living. But the innovation of improved machinery and robots has also witnessed job losses as workers adjust to new life in consumer sectors.

And it appears the working class is gradually disestablished in part due to quick rich schemes but also to technological innovations.

Consumers have no choice but resort to creative ways of making ends meet such as living off debts. And that is one of the methods for quick rich schemes. Interests on borrowed money accumulate to make more money while consumers are forced to make sacrifices living in Poverty.

The consumer no longer sells his/her labour for a wage, rather his/her soul. It's not the classic alienation of the worker when the product gained new meaning and came to life. It is total captivation of the consumer's soul.

This places the consumer collateral to secure money accumulation. You'd be wondering why consumers have become increasingly important in money creation is demonstrated by the fact that most rich nations have a captured consumer population living in Poverty.

Why has Russia invaded a small poor nation may be strategic for a number of reasons, but Russia itself has a poor population among its rich elite class. There are other small nations subject to super powerful interests and I'm thinking of collateral for money accumulation security.

With a poor population that is not able to help itself, the elites among the upper echelons can impose starvation to offset demand, or impoverish to attract loans and living off debts. The demands are easy and cheap ways of accumulating money.

We learn from general organisation that consumer class seems to be a captured people of different ethnicity and culture. They are dumped on a lower socio-economic area with low resources and easy maintenance housing. These folks are impoverished to establish the superstructure of business and money accumulation schemes.

Known as the Underclass, these folks are deprived, discriminated, and subordinated with injustice to tame their spirit and indoctrinate economic behaviour. And it doesn't matter whether you have done nothing wrong, you are labelled as a criminal among other labels I wouldn't mention in here.

The fact is, it seems common to have a foreign and imported ethnic Underclass different from the predominant culture. They probably can't do it to their own.

Under normal society, the consumer is serving a logical role in the organisation of the economy where valid relations are bound to the social structure. But under money accumulation, the consumer is not serving a valid role, but a subjective means to its destructive end.

The invasion of Ukraine therefore is not an objective achievement but a subjective destruction. That is a rule under My Social Relations. It is the valid contribution to the stability of society. Invasion and consumer captivation are not valid besides it is illegal.

In the generation of wealth, the social organisation of society links consumer to labour, goods and services. In the invasion of Ukraine, Underclass formation by destructive force does not contribute to the stable organisation of any society.

I have noted in elsewhere that this dark development of society is particularly related to the olden regimes associated with war. It is a material development favouring businesses among the rich who have disestablished society and do away with the working class in favour of quick rich schemes.

In democratic cultures, social relations link economic roles with certain freedoms to society a security for workers among consumers. In other cultures, roles are dictated and imposed upon individuals and sanctioned by regimental rules.

However, the drive to capture a consumer class is now associated with the realisation to develop arm for defence against dictatorial regimes.

And the future envisions the development of an arms race to continue the deteriorated cycle of the material.

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