How can technology improve life for the majority who happen to be poor when the medical means of maintaining health are owned by investors? Any laws and policies are removed to allow the corporate private sector fettered freedom to raise costs and therefore profit for investors.

As a result, the majority; those who cannot afford healthcare fall behind the quality of their lives. They become sick and accumulate in the unaffordable healthcare queue. Without services, these folks are just waiting to die.

And this becomes the target of NGOs and religious services to lobby for social change. On the one hand, a corporate government is proud of its amoral stand of not responsible for the consequences of making profit; and on the other hand, a social democratic government at least in Aotearoa prioritises services to meet social needs.

And a dichotomy is clearly illustrated: a corporate government removes any safety net and regulations to improve profit for the rich; a social democratic government prioritises those with social needs to improve the quality of their lives. There we have one country, two economic systems: one for the rich; the other for the poor.

This dichotomy is put in place every time a corporate government is in office. Their amoral stand means they have no conscience therefore they can't be trusted. They will tempt you with money offer that they have bought everything including the media and therefore your vote.

That's why I don't watch local news programs especially the private media. They are reported by paid spinners with political agenda. I suggest to get real live news from those who are enduring struggles trying to make ends meet. Even post a documentary survey on social media is a genuine report.

Ok, if you put yourself in the place of an investor, you might experience the joy in satisfaction of desires in a profit return. Of course, the more one invests the greater he/she gets. And the desire takes over his/her thinking. Like trying to quit smoking, the mind is controlled and one would do anything to make more profit. This includes spending money to make more money like paying for protestors and for the vote. The trouble is, those with money gets richer and us without get poorer.

Now if you are in a position to make policies in the interest of health for smokers, but at the same time you own a cigarette shop distributing cigarettes among the locals, normal people would own up to conflict of interests and resign from the position. But this moral value has been removed by corporate governments. They have sold their souls!

At the same time, folks struggling to make ends meet sustain their living from money offered by corporate investors. Knowing where this money comes from, the means of sustaining life is bad for health and wellbeing. This is like slow bleeding to death. It's a vicious cycle turning over and over but not getting anywhere far.

The denigration of families and communities leave survivors in cardboard boxes on the streets.

So, does technology really help improve life and make progress moving forward? The short answer is, only if you are rich. But considering the majority of the population are poor, no, technology doesn't improve life at all. Only under a social democratic government with principles.

In my previous article 'Glorifying the Past', I claim that history is only showing one side of reality. The real side of reality responsible for social progress is endured by the poor who struggled imposed capitalist conditions to sustain their lives. It is from their struggle that dreams, hopes and ideas of a better world results with civil improvements.

Folks, the unsung heroes of civilisation are oblivious to the sound of gongs as capitalists indulge in desires of their capture for a profit. As you know by now, desire is a doubtful state of mental health. It is in part responsible for the static cycle of decline we have caught ourselves in.

We are on the brink of breaking free by discovering something new, something beautiful. If we don't discover transcendence to something new, we are likely to be swallowed up by the impending doom of Climate Change.

Well, corporate governments depend on mass production of goods and services to improve profits for investors. This accelerates depletion and extinction detrimental to our survival. At the same time, some rich investors accumulate their profit, others spend more to speed up Climate Change destruction.

Waiting for those who have no conscience and sense of responsibilities to make decisions is waiting for God. That is why the forgotten side of history has to show up now to save us from this mess.

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