In the course of time whether evolution or creation, life changes including the weather. And whether we know it or not, we depend upon natural growth for life. We are informed of historical disasters that may have transformed life, but it proved that we have the ability to adapt for the sake of survival.

Let's say tradition is an inherited practice of customs or culture past down the generations as historical, usually by word of mouth. For Christian believers, this tradition is written in the Bible.

How do we know it is the true Bible or those who have passed it down the generations can be trusted? There is probably no way to verify the written word, it is based on belief.

To maintain traditions, a trustworthy body is established to ensure the practice unite the many different believers into one organisation. And thus the practice is based on love. The organisation becomes an institution of love better known as the Church.

This is true of Pope Francis practising love by uniting believers irrespective of difference including perceived sinners. No one is denied and deprived of the love of God. This to me is a divine role in unity. After all, without sinners, Jesus wouldn't have been born!

In truth, people are different. When they practise the tradition of their belief, they are united into one. And that is love.

My understanding is there is nothing wrong with the way customs and culture are practised as long as it doesn't disadvantage or result with harm on anyone. But it looks like there are gate keepers in various states of organisation denying some believers their natural right to see and serve their God.

The practice of customs and culture in sustaining the material means of survival is based on a social structure separating the poor from the rich. This is maintained not only by discrimination and deprivation to access to the means of survival, but also denial of promotional opportunities to management and authoritative positions based on class or race and gender.

At the same time, the so-called social evolutionary transformation based on capitalism has changed values of traditions significantly. Whether we ignore it deliberately as natural evolution, modern churches among tradition are a feel-good place more than genuine praise and worship.

That means people enjoy authoritative roles as a class lifestyle more than delivering the service of love among believers. Relationships is based on maintaining service to humanity irrespective of difference. But like corporate capitalism, some church depends on poor believers to fork out a tithe to support the lifestyles of preachers.

And this is where it matters. The mind transformation from the objective principle to the subjective sense of good feeling not only desires good feelings of the past but also of the here and now. If this tradition is continued into the future, the Church would become a macho men ice-cream parlour enjoying their good feeling treats.

Real humans survived up to now because they shared commonalities in adjusting to the natural environment. Whether they knew it or not, they were practising true principles of love among humanity by ensuring survival. This is now carried out by NGOs among some genuine religious services in poor sectors of society. The practice of principles of faith and love.

Teaching or helping out is part of faith in modern tradition. That is quantification of pure principles into practice to achieve a productive outcome. Well, not making money, but elevation of the material entity into something higher of human quality. Transcendence.

On failing to transcend, the development falls back into the material and further into the past to start over again. It's not transcending into something new, but going back in time to repeat the cycle of the material over and over again.

In other words, scientist either continue to refuse acknowledgement of the God gene, or the God-gene manages to avoid scientists. I think it might help when the mind and thoughts resume control in creation and producing quality cells to the process of life.

This should resume the mental role from feelings and senses or principles from material desires. And accordingly, it requires a whole new transformation from the environment to the mind.

Believe it or not, it works as if it was planned. First, the renewal of our cool, clean and green environment is under construction, second; the material means of survival serve a purpose in improving the quality of human which is also on the cards in the well-being economy, and thirdly; learning how to think again as a tradition.

And the foundation of the process is the environment of the physical; the purpose of the material or social, and the wellness of being. The modern is a holistic tradition of the future, not of the past.

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