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When the going gets tough, people tend to turn to kinship ties before ethnicity. Thus ethnocentrism is always an active link in our modern times of uncertainty. It's tribal organisation that prompts members to organise for survival.

This type of organisation is linear in terms of blood and cultural relations. When laws and policies are typically beneficial to one tribal group at a disadvantage to other tribal groups, that is when the policy is polarising.

Politics are synonymous with polarising effects. While policies are beneficial to one tribe but at the same time seems to be discriminative of other tribes such as depriving others of their rights to access, I have used the term nationalcentrism.

However, when the tribe has historical grievance claims under colonial or autocratic regimes, it is not nationalcentrism. This comes under equitable justice of restoring relationships and wrongs of the past. So when tribe connotates equitable justice, it relates to indigenous and first nation people.

Having said that, there are other groups that fit equitable justice redress such as those based on gender and sex orientation; belief; culture or race; age; disability and so on.

The latter grouping is modern organisation of differences considered under diverse organisation. This is where we are today, here and now; Diversity.

Diversity spans beyond the boundaries of kinship and ethnicity of tribal organisation. So cultural diversity is the modern organisation that has included all tribes and their differences.

I have claimed in elsewhere that culture is progressive improvements of habits and customs. In a way, this improvement includes acceptance and tolerance of people that are different from us. It is admirable behaviour common among younger generations for they were predisposed to multiculturalism in their growing up.

This proves to be the problem we are having today. Older laws and policies made according to tribal organisations are having a polarising effect in modern societies. That is why it's crucial and now urgent to allow the younger generation to influence law and policy making for the modern.

We have gun laws, trade wars, FTA obsession to improve the tribal conditions for survival. And accumulation of weapons, wealth, food among other things is weaponised to achieve the ultimate goal of depriving others based on difference from access to the same means of survival. That basically authenticates older generations nationalcentrists - discrimination on the basis of difference.

What's worse, so-called allies are guilty of the same atrocious crime others are judged on! May be Climate Change therefore shortage of supply thus inflation is due to the behaviour of the old macho generation. And the modern is enduring the social consequences right now.

Yes, they are still dividing up the world in polarised organisation to maintain the upper hand. It is not compatible with the reality of Diversity. And the conflict is a static hold on progress. This means we are also stuck on inflation and the Pandemic.

It suggests we are moving back in time to tribal organisation in preparation for the struggle for survival. A sovereign nation is thriving in freedom to trade for wellbeing of its people. But that nation is now subjected to perceived threats from an invisible enemy, therefore it has to stop progressing and fall in line.

The addiction to power has filled the air of paranoia, the whole world is suffering from delusion. As if the population is free from illness sustained by the consequences of the system in place, it is time to move on.

This is it. The community organisation of Diversity is under development or transition. Shops that specialise in particular food attracts certain groups of people, usually based on their ethnicity. So I guess this could be called ethnic shop or ethnic taste but it has that polarising effect.

And as my taste dictates the food shop I visit; I find myself queuing up in a fishing chips takeaway or takeout. The local thing about this is; fish and chips shops are known to be owned and operated by Chinese or Asians. But the queue is filled by Pacific and Maori locals.

Anyway, fish and chips are cheaper and quick to prepare, especially if you don't have the time to cook. During inflation and the Pandemic, fish and chips became a convenient treat. It's the fashion in times of need.

Well, you could say it's the stable diet for the poor thus fish and chips is rated lower socio economic status. But it's quite normal for folks to take their dates out to the fish and chip shop. The modern fashion of food has that diverse culture about it. It's diversity in survival.

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