Ok, let's not confuse the issue with politics. Progress in My Social Relations involves with human social progress. It is not about progress in economic growth or becoming rich and driving a powerful vehicle.

While human social progress involves with ways of improving life, it requires a super structure to support its maintenance. In this for example we look at inequalities and seek to address the underlying reasons why. So we address differences in gender, ethnicity, culture, belief, age, sex orientation etc., then we propose such developments as equality, equity, diversity, fair distribution of wealth and so on.

On the ground level, we also support healthy, clean and green environment to prevent violence, pollution, wastage, accumulations, disadvantages, accidents and any other developments that supports the super structure. For example, gun regulations aimed at protection of children and innocent civilians from ideological or gang violence is a practical solution to minimise harm in the environment.

The ultimate outcome at the top level is peace and wellbeing.

Social progress therefore is a three-layer reality from the ground level of the physical to the super structure of the social which gives rise to wellness of being. In a way it is a holistic integration of the physical, the social and the mental or as some would choose spiritual.

It is not a religious foundation. But the improvement of the physical means supporting life had been argued by right wing capitalists and economists as depended upon economic growth. They use the cliche that 'a prosperous economy provides opportunities for everyone to help themselves'.

Yeah right! This is an ancient argument that has no practical basis other than to increase the gap between the rich and poor. Economic growth demands more resources that continues to deplete and extinct nature exacerbating our physical environment humans depend upon. Corporate organisations deploy mass promotion of consumerism by addictive behaviour which is a major cause of health epidemics. And powerful fast cars fuelled by fossil fuel emit carbon, a major contribution to Climate Change. And we are doomed to the spiral of a fossil fuel economy.

So human social progress from the old static world of the material is transformation to the next layer of health, peace and wellbeing.

Social progress is enhancement of holistic human growth and development a natural process. Objectivism for example is the technological development of tools to advance health and medical treatments; subjectivism is the technological advancement of weapons for war.

Some professionals over there in 'Doomslab' came up with the idea of cognitive dissonance I have applied in the delay of urgent decisions due to conflict of interests.

A capitalist economist would obviously have this conflict integral to his/her frame of mind. But on familiar terms, the urgent needs of the poor are considered less important than urgent needs of the rich. We have witnessed this through experience in times of economic downturns when such terms as Reformation, Restructures and Austerity is simply sacrificing the lives of the poor to sustain the lifestyles of the rich.

We are told that inflation is the increase in price due to shortage of supply. Why the increase in price when the product is in demand? It's an opportunist way to make money when the product itself hasn't improved its condition. And following from the above, the product may be still available in rich areas.

Also, why would the price of tomatoes be affected when shortage is rare earth for semi-conductors. Ok, semi-conductors may be required in computer operations that are involved in the process and package of tomatoes. Yes of course, but process computers in the dairy farm and supermarkets have long been installed and used well before the shortage of rare earth minerals.

We have also heard from reliable resources that over supply food are dumped to sustain market price. It's an opportunistic attempt integral to economic growth mentality that overcharge and wasteful in the face of poverty. And there the strand to inequality is truly engrained in the capitalistic mind.

I have mentioned previously that those who have led us to this crisis are not trusted to rescue us. But these mainly powerful men have also been educated and socialised by earlier societies. And the task of human progress looks at education, philosophy, religion, culture and society to change for the sake of humanity. That makes the target of education not rewarding the brightest individual, but rather the most equal and diverse team. Individual talents therefore are applied in organisation of diversity and equality.

There is more in the argument for population control. Those economist and capitalist have appointed themselves to decide but if the cognitive measure is applied, it's a scary prospective. The last time I looked, there have been approximately 6-7 million deaths a year.

Social progress is inclusive irrespective of difference. We have a universal moral code, a vision and consciousness. A movement to the future is natural and achieving holistic well-being is the right thing to do. We live!

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