Holy refers to purity, sinless and perfect moral character free from evil. If that definition fills space and their spoken words enter our hearing and into the brain, the boundaries of the principle are already defined. It is not a random act of a chemical mixture in the creation of the cell. This cell is passed down through the generation is not evolution but Creation.

The top down has an effect of transcending the material character to being one with God.

However, no one can be holy because we are said to be uncleansed by the original sin of Adam and Eve. So to merit holiness sanctity therefore is to achieve forgiveness of sin and completeness. That is a holistic human existence without sin and balance between mind, body and spirit.

It is the goal for believers to achieve holiness in order to be closer to God. And targets for goal achievement include obedience and follow rules and commandments.

As any rational thinking person agrees, one cannot achieve a perfect moral character by following or being obedient to rules and commandments. The philosophical argument suggests God is a dictator when subjects are not free to make own decisions. Thus the only reason why rules and commandments are kept is because the people are afraid of God.

Rules and commandments are like training wheels for children. When they are informed and confident to make own decisions, they no longer follow rules or commandments, but are exercising independence and free will. When God gave us a gift, we turn into something new and produce productive outcomes.

This is a mystery in development when the individual chooses his/her own decision according to his/her own volition. A natural decision is neither forced nor influenced, but the decision is somehow within the boundaries of the will of God.

The idea of pure principles therefore was formed not from any random arrangement of chemicals, but the idea organises chemicals in the creation of the cell, is passed down through the generations. And there, creation is a progressive continuum, not a repetition of the same thing over and over.

So if the nucleus compensates for the span of time, the principle naturally adjusts to the environment.

The balance between mind, body and spirit prompts a natural decision, but a domination of the body can influence the decision in favour of the material. And this is our existential construction.

I know, Scribes among Pharisees claim it is not your own free will, but the will of God. You see, these guys are solidifying God in the image of absolutism. If God is really the all-powerful a dictator as they make out to be, then why doesn't God control everyone to follow rules and commandments?

In a way and may be for a while, the people are controlled by fear of God though not by God but by Scribes and Pharisees among cultures, politics and traditions.

Fear has worked well in favour of social order, and in turn the economy by subordinating workers among consumers in the manipulation of the means they depend upon for survival. You know separation of the divide according to social classes such as bourgeoisie and proletariat.

However, the practice is not only undemocratic but also immoral, unethical and unprofessional. It is far from holiness.

So individuals sought to liberate themselves from binds of tradition and social struggles for the means of sustaining life. That's free from fear and subordination. And folks discover the rabbit hole of oppression traces discrimination and deprivation on the basis of difference on the spiral.

That is; society and its social institution is stratified on the boundaries of culture or ethnicity, gender, sex orientation, belief, disability, age and so on.

And having been informed like eating the forbidden fruit, they become aware of what's right and wrong; they decided to choose for themselves and make their own decisions. And for the first time in their lives, they are not only free, but their action is valid and moral.

Did Adam and Eve meant to break the rules?

This however justifies liability of the consequences of their action. And for once, people are deserving the responsibility of their action. If people are not free, then God is responsible and blameworthy for the evil of society.

Climate Change is the consequences of disequilibrium when decisions were dictated by material desires of the body. If God interfered and save the environment, then God has interfered with human freedom and human responsibilities.

You see, God could have freed us from bondage of struggles. And if so, God would have been a dictator not allowing people to make their own decisions. Since the people have chosen to believe and follow God, they have in fact validated God a moral and loving authority.

You see, it's not a bad thing.

Those who have struggled against cultural and political traditions have in fact validated the existence of God by being free from bondage of their struggles.

However, their struggle in secular societies had resulted with overdevelopment of material or physical self over their mind and spirit. This material overdevelopment has dominated and replaced the function of the mind with desires of feelings and senses of the material world.

When we are tempted with cravings of feelings and senses, the mental function of principles is easily overwhelmed by material desires and we fail to produce something new and objectively good.

Now the ground up approach is where the status of holiness filters the subject by practice of belief and skills of character through years of experience. Through trials and tribulation, the subject undergoes penance for the forgiveness of sins.

This purification process also involves praise and worship, leading and inspiring followers through service. The people look up to holiness in times of need and when the going gets tough for moral support.

We are uncleansed by birth, and sometimes when material desires get the better of us. When we understand sin and endure purifications of penance and forgiveness, we acquire a moral character like second nature. It is rebirth.

We have what it takes to transcend into something new, but material tradition has contaminated the principle to the static cycle of decline. That is, the principle of creation is locked up and buried in the memory where it deteriorates and fades into a myth. Thinking on the other hand has potential to produce something new and keep the principle alive.

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