The US and its allies are mapping out the boundary between the West and others. At the same time, natural developments are projecting a dynamic view of objective reality. The trouble is, natural developments are transitioned away from material developments the Western order is structured upon. This means there are no new developments, only strengthening the old static material structure.

The Western order is the same old material based on a status quo social infrastructure. This is now organised by a corporate model of making money run by CEOs. It's the same old static struggle where the private business sector and corporate investor gets richer, at the same time the poor's lot is deteriorated by Climate Change, inflation and social consequences of corporate economies.

While they guard against social spending, we endure disease epidemics, homelessness, Poverty and their social consequences in addiction, mental illness, violence and crime.

The dynamic view of objective reality is a natural development borne of the suffering. It is a super natural phenomenon.

The third development is the wellbeing economy. It is a material or physical development upon which the social is sustained, giving rise to well-being. This is also a natural social development borne of the old static material economy or corporate economy. It's progress from the old to the new!

Now we have three developments in progress projecting a multidimensional view of the world.

While compatible social democratic governments in office put in place policies to alleviate physical harm in the environment such as gang violence and gun control, economic policies support social well-being.

For example; for a number of reasons such as race or gender, some folks are deprived of equal share of wealth and resources, suffer substandard quality of living. So the social policy promotes equity for those disadvantaged because of difference to achieve equality. Their suffering is eased as they achieved well-being.

The policy may promote equity to attempt at equality. This is quantified by equal access to opportunities including job promotions and equal pay.

And social issues of injustice, Poverty, fair access to health, housing, employment, education are addressed. The successful redress of injustice gives rise to well-being.

The well-being economy is undergoing developments the world over. Climate Change is the result of the old static material economy which continues to mine fossil fuel that has given rise to resource depletion and species extinction.

The old static material economy supports the corporate structure of wealth and the more profits are made the worse it gets for the physical environment that we depend upon.

Instead, the wellbeing economy prompts sustainable growth not by the old fossil fuel energy, but by alternative clean and green energy. It's the same economy as the old static material but it's based on a clean, green and non-toxic and non-violent environment. It is now prompting the social structure of social redress giving rise to wellbeing.

You might notice the Western boundary is adorned with the material hierarchy of macho men paraded in uniformed dress. They dictate unilateral decisions for the rest to fall in. How can you filter the environment pure from extreme violence when the means of sustaining life is achieved by production of weapons?

The old material world is a static cycle. You struggle all your life to sustain a living, but you die of illness and ailments in desperation. The wheel is turning over and over, but we are not getting anywhere far!

And the realisation of innocence and striving to do what's right has reached extraordinary lengths. It takes a supernatural phenomenon to ease us from this material plane of never-ending hell. It is freedom, independent and autonomous.

No one is authorising anyone to do anything. Instead, the people are consciously aware of their environment come together to share their joys and struggles as they attempt to redress the cause.

Through suffering from injustice, economic hardship, violence and crime; they share feelings of empathy, sorrow, grievance and compassion. Through sharing they form a collective of their shared struggles quantify the shared feelings and values into action. This is demonstrated by community actions such as helping out victims of disastrous incidents, they provide condolences and comfort for those in grief.

This super natural force works in favour of change for the cause of humanity, is compatible with the well-being economy. But like anything pure and innocent, it becomes a targeted enemy of power struggles.

Through endurance of struggles and suffering, we hope for the better but stuck on believing and doing what's right. And a natural sense of realisation is formed in the consciousness. This is a natural gift among the collective who know. Nobody tells them what ought to be, yet they share a common realisation.

It spans beyond the boundaries of nations, ethnicity and their politics, beyond the material and its selfish developments; beyond fake news, disinformation or misinformation, psycho coercive propaganda; yes we know and expect more of the same subtlety from now on.

It has now spanned the realm of time and space; multidimensional.

In the static old material economy, entities continue to indulge in selfish and ambitious desires, they are blind to the natural world. They look but cannot see, they listen but cannot hear. Let him/her who has eyes to see and ears to hear.

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