MORAL CODE03/06/22

In our modern world of the West or should I say material capitalism, it is impossible to achieve a moral stand. This is because everyone has a right to find faults in potential prospects. And these faults are related to kinship ties, ethnicity, gender, beliefs, cultures, friendships, status and so on. Any one person belongs to any of the above categories but if not then you are not one of us therefore there is a fault with you.

The only possibility for a moral stand therefore is for everyone to be related. But then, morality and ethics have to do with what ought to be right. However, if morality can be achieved by relative relationships, then what's right is determined by our material desires more than what is morally good or right. That's the version of the majority approved morality by statistics or by human design.

At the same time, no one is pure. The one who is pure is of no use to anyone. It is a single cell entity that can only exist by itself. It is a subjective principle. It may serve as a symbolic image of the one without sin, but I must say the same of the one without anything else. Anyway, the one without sin is isolated and definitely not one of us therefore criminal or other!

And like always, to quantify the subjective principle is for it to produce an objective or productive outcome. That is the value relation to us.

When Jesus came to our material world, he was rejected as not one of us. His only fault was he was human, and he was man. How can human man claim to be righteous when he is not one of us?

Jesus went through the rabbit hole of human experience to know and understand the reality of our material world. And he showed us the way, transcendence of our material into being.

Purity solidifies its value from the experience. That is the meaning of objectivism. It is finding the moral and ethical quality of purity that is beauty. This same value is also found in the not so pure. Transcendence into being is transforming the purity of the material into qualities thus purity becomes an attractive beauty.

And since everyone is entitled, eligible and has a right to objectivism or transcendence into being, everyone therefore is related and hence, a moral code. It is universal.

For whatever reasons behind accusations and fault finding, some untrue claims have resulted with innocent persons losing their lives and their loved ones.

For one to be pure, he/she must also know what impurity is. As for one who is considered impure struggles against persecutions and condemnation, his/her attempt to sustain a life according to pure principles purifies the material of his/her person from impurity to pure, or from material to being.

And that is the meaning of objectivism; doing right against struggles. The struggles whether deserved or not did not have the better of him/her to faulter. You would only know and understand the nature of struggles and suffering when you yourself experience it. It is knowledge from experience that expands one's perception of life.

We are born into our material world with a material perspective. From understanding life's experience, we expand our knowledge and our perspectives. Notice our perspectives are not static in the material, they change and expand to the social and values or quality of material experience.

So when we judge someone from a static material perspective, we look for what that someone has in relation to us. And depending on how important that relationship be it kinship ties, ethnicity, gender, beliefs, cultures, friendships, status etc., the scale of moral relevance is measured. Morality therefore is based on personal desires.

The idea of objectivism is to jump from the pure entity to experience life's struggles and expand one's perspective. It is then that he/she may understand moral values behind the material entity.

The expanded perception transforms the view of relationships from personal desires to objective values. So it is not a good feeling that renders relationships, it is the objective or quality of relationships. Thus something that is beautiful, may be beautiful in itself, but beauty is appreciated in being.

And for that your perspective is transformed from the view of the static material to the expand of super phenomenon.

That is why we'd been wondering why he is preaching good news when he is known as a criminal. Why does the policeman prosecute Joe for burglary when John is guilty of assault and all what seems to be contradictory!

The scale of importance categorises entities into groups, then relative morals may only relate to one group and at one time not all groups at all times. But transcend the material or expand and transform the perspective into being and moral relates to all groups in all of eternity.

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