Those enduring suffering from the struggle for the means of survival serve a valuable purpose in human progress. Accordingly, we should commemorate the suffering of human past in the hands of capitalist rulers.

We are beginning to accept that education is learning how to think, not what to think. The trouble is, we are consistently learning how to think about the past. So demagogical education therefore ensures the future is a reflection of a selected past.

In so doing, you probably can't find anything new in the past thus progress is a myth. It merely secures the static cycle of deterioration. That is; we could do the same thing differently and better. Well, we are now improving the means of killing others in a mass slaughter. Something macho fanatics boast about.

Some of the great historical figures are glorified for their leadership styles in divide and conquer, therefore slaughter, capture and enslavery of refugees. Capitalist impositions have committed great atrocities to humanity, a macho display in military style.

Today, workers among consumers are exploited for labour and cost of living. The current fashion under corporate capitalism deprives and disadvantages for profit. Unaffordable housing saw families and children thrown out of their homes.

Power struggles have also targeted innocent families among minorities and immigrants by right wing nationalists and terrorist groups. Conflicts, war and security threats continue to impose fear alongside the struggle for the means of survival.

Historical data is great for reflection and design for change, but more often it is retained to glorify a pedagogy link to the past. How then can we teach the future if there is no data of events that haven't occurred? This is where we separate memory from thinking.

Capitalism and education are based on history of which is often a reminder of conflicts and war. While history glorifies war figureheads, the movement of people across the world reflects decimation of families from their homes. Yet, education focuses on capitalist divide and conquer rather than of human suffering.

Thus we are forced to remember capitalist macho imposition upon humanity. And for as long as memory can recall, there has never been peace other than capitalism, conflicts, war and fear. The organisation of the means of survival always results with human suffering.

Peace therefore is not your utopian dreams of the future, but rather something hoped for. Therefore, since peace is not present in the past, it is not stored in the memory. It is a function of your thinking mind; a conscious awareness of the present to drive for the better in the future. It's hope quantified by the practice.

Most if not all ideas are copied or imitated from nature and are not new. So pure ideas are found in the subjective realm of dreams and desires. Remember the longing for something that one hasn't experienced before? It is also hope for something better in the future.

And these discoveries are often arisen from those who are enduring struggles and suffering of our capitalistic continuous war. These folks long and hope for something different, something new and something beautiful; not your serene utopian dream, but a holistic approach to our material reality.

The green, clean and non-violent environment prompts the social organisation supporting a well-being economy. And the wellbeing economy gives rise to a wellness of mind. It is a change from material desires of the body.

The physical environment of material capitalism supports the organisation of material entities of the self and corporations that are stuck in a cycle of deterioration. This development keeps on turning repeated ideas over and over from the past. Thus capitalism and education have maintain a static reality of living in the past.

And material capitalism requires a good memory which nurtures habits, addictions and desires; social capitalism requires a good mind which nurtures thinking and conscious awareness of reality.

So, a corporate capitalist economy can easily be run by A.I. and algorithms as they merely collect historical data to form new versions or repackaging of the same in static cycles of decline. They have easily modified older versions of weapons to improve the speed and damage of destruction a never-ending war of capitalism.

A social well-being economy is analysis of human feelings, emotions and experiences to form resolutions to real problems. Progress is thus measured on the state of health and well-being; transcendence of the material into being.

It is likely that the corporate material capitalist evolution is to be continued by robots taking over from memory; the human evolution given a chance to improve thinking is certain to improve the quality of life.

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