One smart robot puts it; all credit floating human lifestyles are created from nothing. At the same time, resources human depends upon for life including manufacturing, wages and subsistence are increasingly becoming scarce. As they keep digging and mining earth for resources, the credit overflow begins to hang over the hole they are digging and mining. Since human narrow mind vision is occupied by desires, they don't notice the overhang above them.

It is the nature of cognitive dissonance or conflict of interests, but also the suppression of reason by the desires of addiction. Human seem to only concentrate on the here and now as more priority than thinking ahead or about the consequences. It is the result of the socialisation of economic behaviour. Since this learned behaviour therefore can be unlearned.

One of the conservative ideological claims of absolute values is respect for humanity. Accordingly, black shootings and homeless in U.S. do not reflect this absolute value. Also, how do values of Uyghurs different from values of Islam and Christians in India when they are supposed to be absolute?

They don't realise the inefficiency of absolutes in differences or diversity. It's a uniformed world view that expects everyone to be the same culture, gender, age, belief, sex orientation and so on for absolutes to work. Conservative ideology therefore has found a new doctrine in Christian traditions of absolutes to organise its right-wing nationalist monoculture.

They have been static in absolutes for far too long they don't even know how to change to save themselves.

The struggle of those disadvantaged because of difference has claimed for equity. But the conservative new found doctrine stands on differences as natural. They claim the male figure is stronger than the female therefore should be paid more and be the head of the family for protection purposes.

However, in the modern world, the only reason why female is seen weaker is because of macho treatments by cultural and religious expectations. Women can do anything men can and even better, but are paid less. Because of socialisation and expectations, women developed weaker bones and smaller muscle structures. These are not natural differences; they are imposed and passed dopwn by patriarchal societies.

Equity therefore is redress of unfair and unequal treatments that have disadvantaged some people because they are different. If these different individuals have been treated equally as men, there is no equity. The equity is thus a value of imposed disadvantages by predominant cultures.

And Diversity is the real world where mopdern human are living together among different groups, cultures, genders and so on. Diversity in the modern is existing among differences where an absolute principle is invalid and unfounded. For example, what's good and absolute for John may not be good and absolute for Jane. That means John and Jane may have difficulties living together.

Obviously, the uniformed absolutes of a right wing conservative monoculture is delusional and isolated. It is an unscientific ideological doctrine.

Let's say conservatives were busy celebrating their new doctrinal ideology indulging in the floating lifestyle from nothing. They cannot see there's nothing stabilising the overhang, it could collapse anytime. Folks digging in trying to make ends meet including women and children can see the overhang above them.

Folks below the overhang or sinkers are trying to warn the upper floaters of the impending danger, but floaters brushed it off as a distraction.

The sinkers; those digging below all know what's going on and are aware of the consequences attempt to change their lives and their environment to slow down the impending danger. But floaters think it's an attempt to overthrow.

Sinkers are all out to protect the environment from pollution and to change their lifestyles to reduce carbon emission in a collective attempt to slow down if not save the world from Climate Change.

That's not all, when the floaters are blown away by the impact of a collapse, it is not an easy task trying to rehabilitate a delusional sufferer.

Having no more free-floating devices and monopolies; and since floaters are strangers to the real world of slave labour and manual work, I don't think they can cope with the Climate Change disaster.

The leading organisations of EU and United Nations have tried to help us, but there's only this much we can do. One thing is certain; human have arrived at the right place in the right time under Diversity. Diversity may cushion the impact by sharing irrespective of difference. But under uniformed absolutes, its certain to be another Titanic disaster.

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