The purpose of the corporation is to make money for the investors. In so doing, the directors work hard to make money and are rewarded with attractive bonuses.

Corporate government is based on the above structure; it cuts corners but are not responsible for the consequences that are not good for profit of the business or government.

A big corporation like a corporate government buys up other companies, including the media and the private sector to improve the condition for profit. Growth is diversified into smaller private units under the umbrella of the corporation.

At the opposite end is the working class responsible for democratic participation and maintenance of the market. Labour and unions work to improve the conditions for workers and security of employment to support their families.

The corporate government is based on monetary values promoting individual interests. It may follow that a corporate government encourages trade and partnerships with individuals and private sector units. Obviously in a monetary economy, growth is measured by money accumulation.

A social democratic government is based on principles relating to the wellbeing of communities. It may follow that a social democratic government encourages trades and partnerships with democratic organisations and communities. Growth reflects community wellbeing and holistic social progress.

Recently, I have moved into a corporate housing complex. I have never seen an agent; all rental administrations were conducted via email and online; a savings exercise.

The landlord or its agent never witnessed my moving in, no witness-inspection was conducted. When I moved out, no witness-inspection of the tenancy was done either. I have moved into another of the same landlord's unit.

I moved in and found a whole lot of repairs and cleaning to be done, I reported but the agent claimed they have never known about the condition of the unit. I listed some of the needs for repair as urgent and unhygienic, but it was on the weekend and I have to put up with.

I have witnessed this happening before, a tenant ended up with a $5000 bill for repairs she had never been responsible for. The adjudicator sided with the landlord against a single parent tenant.

You see the deliberate set up by not having a live inspection, is the landlord's word against the tenant. The trouble is, the adjudicator agency receives a healthy donation and funding from the corporation. Profit overrides ethics in corporate governments.

Work among consumers maintain the structure of our democratic society. Our public service provides healthcare requiring professional staff. If the corporate government buys or usually transfer health to the private sector, that means we the public will have to pay for market price every time we see the doctor. What would happen to most of us who can't afford medical and doctors' fees?

The corporate would employ the most talented in their field to maximise profit for the investors. Remember the corporation takes short cuts and not responsible. They could write laws and contracts that we couldn't understand, and like the single parent tenant, she was charged with a crime she never committed.

And having owned the media, the corporation gets away with unverified and somewhat unethical practise as it indulges in glorification of the corporation. It never sees anything wrong with the CEO even in conflicting decisions.

Work is important; it makes us feel responsible in paying bills, bring up children and keep the family. It gives us a sense of belonging not only to workmates but also to society. It's a healthy sense of well-being.

What could happen to us when the corporation decides that workers are taking away too much money from profit make all of us redundant? The corporation may privatise work by hiring contractors or small operators who happen to work for the corporation.

And total takeover is destruction of the working class; destruction of society and destruction of families. There will be no place for the poor.

And since responsibilities of working, paying bills and keeping a family were associated with a sense of well-being, it would bring mass depression. And if you remember the introduction of Freemarket, massive social consequences were also exacerbated by the mother of all budgets.

When the corporation buys up businesses, the media and services, dictatorship takes over democracy. For most of us, it is completely helpless because there is no way anyone can afford to fight back. With that much money and power, we are in the mercy of ultimate corporate dictator without responsibilities.

We could be so naïve in thinking that Diversity is here and equality /equity is in progress. But you would never know what else has been bought by the corporation, just like those protestors against the government.

I have made relevant examples for easier understanding but as the corporate spiral descends, the darker it gets. And that is why we need to keep the flame burning. It is not the status of the position we keep; it is what we do that elevates the status. Be conscious and keep marching that we are not sleep walking into destruction.

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