Material science may describe facts in theoretical abstracts represented by images, patterns and figures; that involves with projections of ideas of life in artificial and virtual realities.

Since human is the holistic integration of mind, body and spirit, social science attempts to decode and interpret those projections into physical, social and spiritual realities. This may involve with analysis of data from experience. And experience may involve memory and the means by which information is collected and stored.

All the above information collected by the senses is filtered by feelings and emotions of experience before storage.

This process was originally reversed. That is, it was the mind that directed the senses through emotions and feeling to collect information. I have referred to this mind direction as 'top down'.

However through the course of time, the information collected has somewhat influenced by feelings and emotions against the desires of the mind. So the accumulation of information somehow favoured feelings and emotions until eventually, feelings and emotions took over the function of the mind.

Feelings and emotions therefore direct the function of the senses to collect favourable information for own desires. Considering that memory cannot distinguish the difference between dreams or desires from real experience, life is an illusion. That also means unconscious or fake news falls into like and dislike in the category of desire.

Feelings and emotions are physical attributes of the body. And now the senses, feelings and emotion collect data to meet the desire not of the mind but of the body. I have referred to this process as 'ground up'.

In the early stages of My Social Relations, I have claimed that a mode determining the cause of action is a pure principle or moral code; a function of the mind. Since feelings and emotions are now determining the cause of action, it is now determined by good feelings. So one acts not only because it feels good, but also its his/her good feelings and not someone else. This I referred to as the development of the 'self'.

From previous articles, I think we now have a good grasp of the idea of freedom of doing as we desire without hindrance or influence.

In light of desires of the body, freedom is doing everything to satisfy feelings and emotions. And feelings and emotions are satisfied by happiness where happiness is feeling good when physical desires are met.

Depending on the mode of principles, desires of the mind are values and social objectives guiding the behaviour. Where do these values and principles come from? In your id. Your id is established upon values of your family, your culture and your beliefs. These values are usually passed down through the DNA. From your mind to the cell and to your children.

And Freedom is exercising the desires of the mind without hindrance or influence. The trouble is, feelings and emotions have taken over the mode of the mind to meet the desires of the body.

If valuable and principle ideas are collected usually by the mind, these ideas are modified by feelings and emotions to transform into material values and material principles. So what used to be respectable and valuable relations become common attraction to make money or material gains.

For example, modern religion becomes increasingly materialistic; some make money others it's a feel-good place. So now we know there are two realities of freedom; material and mental.

The duality takes a generation in time to instil and prosper like a plantation. While inheritance of trait and character is passed down from id to the gene, socialisation from birth involves reinforcement of such ideas through conditioning.

However, there are exceptions; some children for one reason or another grow up to find their own way. And a change of values may prioritise social media and internet as a desire which reinforces the self.

A little while ago, society was disruptive, antisocial organisation. The young found renewed freedom to indulge in alcohol and drugs as a consequence of their parent's old school behaviour. While they themselves have children, a good proportion of parents determined their own children didn't have to go through the same lifestyle.

So instead of reinforcing the genes of id, they modified it. 25 years later, the new generation expected to display traits of character that were passed down from their grandparents but modified by their parents through socialisation. And while a new modern generation is born, they have potentials of old schoolism.

The determining factors follow modes of freedom. If your parent's behaviour were dominated by material freedom, it is likely that you could inherit characteristics of physical features or symptoms of their ailments. But mental freedom created a new development that modified the id, therefore in time the gene. And those ailments are likely to disappear in time.

This is why the regime in place is fundamental to the type of future. The regime is responsible for the influence of laws, rules and social policies that are instilled upon the population. For example, if the government in place promotes material freedom that encourages corporate individualism and greed, obviously the economy requires more resources for economic growth in line with the demand. And the future beyond 30 years in the modern may have an environment bare of any growth as the population is out for him/herself.

Somehow suggests that people are preoccupied with greedy and selfish desires they don't have time to keep a family.

However, since the young population who inherited modified id and mental freedom is beginning to flourish and prosper under social democratic governments; their descendants are likely to take over future regimes where human values are prioritised over the material. And the future is a bright continuum on their terms.

Considering the above process a fact, it is therefore possible for mental health treatment to be achieved by the ground up process. And the DNA in terms of traits and character can be changed by practice of physical and social behaviour. This is instilled in the mind through socialisation and change of id.

So society can necessarily produce a prosperous human civilisation in time, but material developments of corporate and political capitalism disrupt this natural process in favour of the material. And worse, the future is already caught in the static cycle of deterioration.

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