I once mentioned the bridge of transcendence that is now quantified by the struggle between conservative and liberals. It has taken the Church away from principles to ideology where guards of the Church have become Marxists themselves.

The woke could be euphemism for racist Christians being ethnocentric of own kind, the sole basis of discrimination. Right wing nationalist Christians have ridden the conservative ideology into the Church and have transformed scripture into boundaries of schism.

It justifies the deprivation of equal share to resources including positions of management and rights to promotions. I heard the religious ideological justification of the War of Iraq and no secret in Putin's invasion of Ukraine that is supported by religion.

Are the poor members enduring backlashes of conservative decisions?

The macho traits of the male ego glorify violence and boasts about slaughter and spoils. The ideology is static in absolutism that everything is uniformly rigid. There is no surprise in here that if one is born poor, he/she remains poor for the rest of life. So if one suffers abused, he/she is abused all of life, no equitable redress, no forgiveness of sins. And the message of Jesus is dead on the Cross.

I could be corrected but I believe most of the poorest people in the world are believers. There could be people who are poorer and may not be Christians but I think the majority of the poor are believers.

While believers could influence coherence organisation and social order of society, commercial lifestyles may be more of a choice than due to status. That's saying European people are more affluent than non-European, a precondition of our material world. But some believers may have decided to protect their faith from material influence chose a lifestyle in poverty.

It is a classic outlook of social narrative, not necessarily Marxist or Christianity. Jesus himself identified political figures in opposition to his mission, but that doesn't make him a politician, or his mission driven by ideology. I think there is something personal in the woke.

I was born a Catholic and through time I watched friends and relatives leave for other denominations. I knew the faith was there but it wasn't relevant with the reality of time and place. And a movement of uninformed young people became more prevalent.

That's quite a while ago, but the Church remained unmoved. Then a whole lot of other things happened that the Church had to do something. It was placed under a microscope of social justice and personal grievance. But that showed a division within the Church itself, between conservative and liberals or tradition and modernity.

The teaching of the word I believe was purely abstract. Most young people of that time had no idea of sermons and liturgies. Some folks may have lived their Christian childhood through such abstracts. I still react when I hear sermon impositions upon the struggling poor that God loves them and everything will be alright. And of course, their belief is literally taken that God will rescue them from starvation of Poverty.

I believe that is the number one reason why the majority of believers are poor. They had a fair idea of the word but they didn't know how to practise it against the pressure of our material world. Because the word was usually delivered in the English language, it is expected of those who had no grasp of practice to be non-Europeans.

And whether the Church was involved with racial stratification of classes I had no idea. But I know there have been subtle discriminative issues in places.

Individuals have rights to question history whether it's the Church, society and justice to gain understanding and disclosures in their lives. They don't have to have ideological belief or join a movement to do that. It is natural. Jesus showed us through experience of the material before transcendence of the material into being.

This is the transformation on the Cross. From the material into being is not a static reality, not absolute. It is the transformational progress from the material to social and spiritual being.

Marxist is the whole human in one material body. Jesus is progress from the material to being, not static but dynamic. While the ideology stagnates in a hierarchical structure of ethnicity and gender, Jesus broke the chains of slavery and suffering. And Jesus is the modern reality! Not static old material world of macho glorification.

So, the reaction to the individual's fight for freedom is the real woke as traditionalists have realised the individual's fight for freedom is a fight against political ideology a thread to the old macho guard. It is a class struggle between tradition and modernity.

The Marxist version has turned human to selfish entity enduring ailments of consumerism. Jesus has showed us the way of progress from the static material into something objectively beautiful, but nationalcentrist Christians are opposing this. Pharisees and Scripts are known for blaming Jesus blasphemous!

Traditions stand on absolute ideas that are uniformed and pure. For example, an ethnic race cannot be diverse and static on its tradition. It's euthenics of keeping the race pure.

The longing for something good that has never experienced before is linked to the current static cycle of decline. A modern religion without ideological beliefs that can quantify the bridge of transcendence may become a popular place, closer to the means of fulfilling this hope.

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