First, I want to elaborate on the workings of the linear monetary economy. It is basically an economy for the private business sector among the rich. It excludes the social or public from its benefits and irresponsible for the social consequences.

This linear monetary economy has been continuously boomed by prospective investors on the housing market. And there the reality of the linear monetary economy; only those who can afford to invest benefit. Those who can’t are left homeless on the street as housing becomes a hot commodity.

It basically excludes the poor.

Now I have also warned about prophets of the linear monetary market, those who spin and misinform in favour of their ideological doctrine.

A spin article referred to the mentioned Business NZ report which was further upgraded by NZ Herald. It turned out that it’s propaganda of fake news and dis /misinformation. Report

Scientifically, pay increase proposal by workers and their union is a consequence of inflation. The proposal aims for pay increase to bridge the gap between income and the cost of living.

This is because inflation has increased business costs of products and services. So if business refuse pay increase, then workers have a natural right to quit and go somewhere else.

It is unfair for business to refuse pay increase when their production has already increased in prices as the result of inflation.

However, if more workers couldn’t afford to make ends meet, no one wants to go to work when it costs them travel and other expenses.

So an unusual development is likely that there is a demand for work, but at the same time there is a likely increase in unemployment. As you know, the spinners put it down as lack of skill workers. That in the face of imported cheap labour is a myth and considering the country is behind technological development, it’s just a spin.

When unemployment increases, government needs to increase social spending. And again, the business party by tradition oppose to such proposals. And the business sector among the rich is basically demanding workers to work for nothing, a condition of slavery.

And that is a nasty consequence of the linear monetary economy, it totally rejects values of human beings.

Anyway, further down the correlation, government now has a responsibility to look after the social sector of society among workers and the poor. And government despite opposition from the business party and their army of aggressive protestors, has to borrow or print money in order to prevent a social crisis.

You see the static cycle; the inflation requires social spending, and borrowing or printing sustains inflation. This is exactly where we are in real time.

There is no good faith fair bargaining on the part of business even in light of the consequences that has somewhat favoured them against workers.

So if unions among workers seek orders from court or other authorities, business would as usual make up for it by increasing the cost of something else.

It shouldn’t be a tit for that war for survival when pay increase is a consequence of natural or evolutionary developments. But this has now taught us a lesson to regulate a condition in the contract to protect wage or pay in times of market volatilities.

We have learned that business have somehow benefited from rich handouts when the economy slows down, but they don’t have the same mutual respect for workers under similar circumstances. It’s kind of hypercritical when their demand is a social need!

The cold hard truth is, if this inflation phenomenon happened under a business party, then workers and the poor have no say. We are excluded from the linear monetary economy, period!

But you can thank this government, they like us are humans, realise our needs are neglected by the linear monetary economy for the rich. We hope they have a social policy for us.

And so it follows that social spending is also linked to the linear material economy. And wage bargaining results with a further tit for that obstacle. So when the wheel of the linear monetary economy is turned, the rich are spinning but workers among the poor are stuck; the static cycle of deterioration is happening again, over and over.

he linear monetary economy is a material development that excludes the social. I have proposed to integrate the material with the social that in turn change the output of production to meet holistic needs of human, not just the material.

And the linear monetary economy becomes a holistic wellbeing economy serving the needs of social beings or humanity.

The holistic economy is compatible with Diversity because irrespective of who you are, your human needs are met.

This is the real time mapping of global boundaries. There’s the macho military tradition enforcing the class structure based on difference. We know its linear monetary system excludes the social to forage on the outside of its economy.

The other development is a human need caused by the consequences of the above tradition. It has established Holistic and Diversity for the sake of survival. We have an inalienable right to live.


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