We've had a few opportunities of economic downturn to learn from and for some would be wiser with what's happening and how to deal with. But one thing is for sure, just about everyone agree it's going to get worse.

It's a bold statement that those technical experts managing finance have failed to prevent yet another financial crisis. Whether they can help it or not, the linear material cycle has failed once again to sustain the reality of the social condition.

I have related Inflation with Climate Change and energy transition blamed for shortage of supply, while shortage of labour is due to the Pandemic. And the invasion of Ukraine has worsened the situation.

There have to be other factors slowing down the global economy as the downturn provides populous opportunities for others to make money.

According to me, the practical thing to do is to guarantee energy transition. But it looks like it's going to be a while under the pressure that seems to play into that cognitive convenience. The pressure is how social humans cope with the slowdown. And the coping mechanisms have unfolded complexities of political and economic entities involved.

While some leaders are busy sorting out political agreements and social resolutions, others are engaged in propaganda of market boundaries. And they are running against time to prevent the social crisis.

Notice how roles are distinctive; women seem to resolve a human crisis; men are on the politics of war to round up market boundaries.

And I must say the media promotes polarisation of the environment along political boundaries. So we have political, social and environmental approaches to the economic crisis.

There is data of work fatigue on the demand of services such as schools and healthcare. There are also concerns on how some deal with worries of less money and less food.

The immediate effects of the Pandemic, Inflation and downturn result with stress worries and mental illness. The impact on health workers has already given rise to work fatigue resulting with resignations and change of employment and careers.

The number one casualty of the downturn is therefore healthcare on both workers and patients. With the demand of the Pandemic; inflation; the invasion of Ukraine and polarisation, it is predicted that the death toll from long waits is set to increase.

I have labelled the economic system linear for the simple reason that it recognises only the material. It appeals to desires and instincts of the material self. While social being is excluded from the linear system, it is framed to blame for the consequences. But the social consequences highlight a solid relationship with the material.

The linear system separates holistic nature into a dichotomy; the material system for the rich and the social system for the poor. But a holistic nature integrates the material and social to become unity of difference, the stabilising force of the economy.

And the social organisation inherits objective principles sustaining natural values worth more than gold. The holistic integration inheres it a balance of material and social that prevents volatile developments and linear static cycles.

However, the shortage of labour provides a demand that keeps unemployment down. And with targeted social spending and EV promotions, the downturn is set to sustain a long period of slowdown instead of a short deep dive. Progress on energy transformation from fossil fuel indicates the rate of recovery. So it's a crisis management that women have already shown to lead the way.

The economy is a powerful enforcer of material behaviour. The media promotion of material production and political polarisation aspires a nurturing environment. As material production are standardised, economic material behaviour is tolerated.

A nurturing environment sustains growth according to the input; if polarised political boundaries are input then growth organisation separates along colours of political followers. If macho policies input harsh punishments, then growth is organised along the level of violence. If green, clean and non-violent are input, the growth is organisation of social responsibility.

Through time, the consumption of addictive substances is a trend to the extreme end not only imposed by the environment, but also by its material economic influence. The underground development is an alternative, a form of escape from reality to sustain survival. So the underground development is the consequence of harsh and coercive macho policy input.

So long as this old fashion macho input is sensationalised, the environment expects to capture and nurture popular innocent followers.

The linear material thinking wants to promote the material product within political boundaries but doesn't care for the consequences. Then it coerces and punishes the addict the same time it expects the product to make a profit. This is the kind of circular macho policy giving rise to static cycles of no return.

So the promotion of punishment creates the environment for nurturing macho behaviour. At the same time, the downturn creates a chronic environment fraught with stress and mental illness. Now, with the established material behaviour waiting for something to happen, the arrival of the downturn expects to ignite fireworks.

The social consequences have devasted health, labour and school; a development of social demand. And this trend is set to pick up momentum in a political polarised chronic environment.

Notably, the distinction between women and men is illustrated in the outcome; social resolve or macho materialism respectively. Since a green, clean and non-violent environment nurtures responsible social behaviour while macho behaviour is roughened up by punishments, the distinction of social output suggests women to be better organisers of social crises that stabilises the economy.

The crisis is proof that monetary technical management doesn't work in the absence of the social.

Energy transitions of a clean, green and non-violent environment transforms it a nurturing phase in the development of human responsibility. And the integration of the material and the social places a human face on the economy.

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