Do you have a natural tendency towards being alive and living, or do you have a natural tendency towards your material desires? You are probably more aware of your material desires but your rational decisions are subconsciously optimised for a healthy life.

As we ponder upon the stars, Climate Change has already issued warning of deteriorated conditions in flooding and drought to deteriorate sustainability of food security. At the same time, the working class is gradually replaced by A.I. robots.

So on the one end; land space and water contamination demand scientific management for sustainable food farming and at the other end, what's to become of the redundant working class.

It has made sense in a while that the worker trades one's skills for a wage to maintain his/her family. The wage generates the economy by consumer purchase. Now, if you remove the wage from the worker, you are also removing the consumer purchase which generates the economy.

The removal of the wage makes the worker redundant; the family's loss of income is a loss of consumer purchase which prompts the market. And we are talking about a certain implosion in the collapse of society.

However, the monetary economy has transferred values from the worker and product to the dollar at least in the West. A technical economy might as well be run by A.I. robots so how the dollar evaluates the quality of goods and services is probably based on demands and supply.

You know, starving off a redundant sector hypes the price for goods and services for a demand. And as we all know from experience of the social consequences; it has managed to remove the working class from their homes to live on the street.

There is shift in production from the real economy to technological production including abstract goods. I'm not sure but I couldn't work out the usefulness of some of the expensive soft and hardware.

Farmers have already shown their hand a few times by aggressive protests for the right to maintain Meat and Dairy as well as owning water. At the same time in parts of the world, protests have escalated to unrest in the claim to land.

It's a struggle for survival.

You see, ideology and capital sentiments are leading the offence when the working class among the poor should instead rise to claim the right to resources and to maintain life.

Before; the ruling class owns the means of production and the working class sell their skills. After; the ruling class owns the means of production and has replaced the working class with robots.

Businesses, the rich and corporations have now owned and ruled everything. Knowing the dark side of creators of A.I. robots, any attempt to raise a struggle against the machine is suicide. But what is the point of owning everything is more like the end of everything.

However, before the big end-all and nothing left; let's attempt to redistribute wealth and resources in a civil human way!

It's nothing new that one sector which owns everything uses its power to dominate those without like subordination, exploitation, slave labour and so on.

So for the sake of survival, redistribution requires not a struggle of difference but coordination of all sectors into one organisation. But knowing the nature of ideological sentiment and capital creed, some humans continue to dictate their own terms and impose power upon others.

Would it result with disintegration into likes and dislikes or ethnicity or status and cultural groups? That's it, you cannot separate human from his/her true nature.

On the first layer of the material, we learn from habits and progress to customs and to culture somewhat optimal for survival. On the second layer of the material, the senses lead to feelings and emotions that help us think and understand.

While human has a dark side of his/her culture, social progress has also accumulated knowledge through time to know and do what's right to optimise survival.

Now, sentiments and greed are subjective stimulants and aspirations that have driven us to this point in time. The elements are material attributes that have arrived at their limitations. But for the sake of survival, the competition to fulfil aspirations and desires is an all-out war for a claim of the resources.

When the dust settles the season arrives to spring the cycle of regrowth, but there is nothing left; no seed to continue on the next cycle.

We ponder upon the stars and realise the elements of the material have driven us here. But we have learned that the material elements are not reliant to stabilise life. In order for the elements to continue life, they must elevate from the material into being.

It makes sense in the elevation of the subconscious to the conscious awareness.

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