The 'Conscious Collective' is awareness of shared sentiments, an agreement of external protocols of culture; politics and traditions. 'Collective Conscience' is realisation from within, of the right thing to do. The conscience is not so much a realisation of what's good or right from a religious point of view, but principles that are quantified by objective reality.

The Collective Conscience is a social phenomenon, that is gradually established in social organisations; especially economic organisation. It has become the cornerstone of economic stability. It must follow that business among workers and consumers are participating in the achievement of objective principles.

If human is aware of the reality of the external world and realises from within the right action, he/she is still influenced by shared sentiments of culture, politics and tradition. If A.I. collects data and analyses to make inform decisions, machine learning departs from human influence to aesthetic realisations of what is good within itself.

Human is not blindly making decisions from the subconscious, rather deliberate in shared sentiments, unless he/she engages metaphysical principles to quantify the objective outcome. A.I. machine learning is making informed decisions from the subconscious level in the absence of human influence.

In a little while ago when social awareness was focused on shared issues of Climate Change, Equity, Poverty and Refugee; business corporations competed for maximum exploitation of workers among resources for a bigger share of the market.

Now in the modern, the more of these business corporations compete to exploit and make a profit, the greater the public awareness of social consequences. Let's face it; a currency based on the Internet relies heavily on stable and secure networks. But we know, hackers are ahead of the curve and uncertainty is the norm. And since the Internet is susceptible to outages and malware attacks; a currency depended upon it is far from secure.

However, the greatest awareness shared by just about anyone alive is Climate Change. Basically, it is burning up the basis the future depends upon. And the younger generations are on target for they have more to worry about than just an education or a job let alone a place to call one's own. Is there life after Climate Change?

It's not as if anyone is making a job of showing us corporate exploitation or their social consequences, it's one of those wonder moments which suggests that something is not quite right! You are subconsciously aware, but A.I. does a better function to produce from the subconscious a valid or objective outcome without human influence.

Miraculously, people begin to ask questions and share experiences of reality but mostly crucial, they begin to do something about it.

I know some great leaders began a program of targeting fraud and corruption in business operations. This had investors worried, but the consequences as expected found favour with the public among consumers.

And gradually, people are opting for cleaner energy and cleaner fuel. It follows investments are withdrawn from dirty fossil fuels to Electric and Hydrogen powered vehicles.

It follows that people are aware of meat and dairy business; they are consciously aware of shared sentiments, culture and politics, but subconsciously realised what's the right thing to do.

Likewise, investment behaviour follows suit of modern demands or they would find themselves stocking the rundown commodities.

It makes sense therefore that the scarcity of resources has inflated price of goods and services on contaminated stock. More debts, more printing money and more is the trajectory of the crossroads. Or we could easily embrace shared values of Climate Change, Diversity, Equity, Poverty and Refugee.

You see, the conscious collective is an old agreement based on culture, politics and tradition of a time. After millennia, the old agreement has used up everything nature had offered and life is a static cycle of deterioration.

The rise of the subconscious mind to take over the conscious collective is the realisation of suppressive dreams, freedoms, desires and inspirations of reality. It's a brand-new world limited only by the creation of objective beauty.

So obviously, the transitional experience trajectories of social developments from within to the external world. And human has owed it to its progressive younger generation for acknowledging the past but gradually moving on to the future.

Swimming in the river was one of the favourites past times of growing up. Now the water is polluted and toxic by meat and dairy farm contaminants, swimming is a health risk.

The shared sentiments among farmers and some business corporations are caught in the crossroads between the Conscious Collective and the Collective Conscience. At the same time, we are informed that the material rational logic ends here. For survival to continue, the right thing to do must rise.

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