Freedom is defined by the Internet as the state of being free from constraint or coercion from doing what one desires to do. Let's say desire is longing to fulfilment of a wish or dream therefore happiness. So the individual exists to fulfil his/her own selfish desires and thus happiness.

I have structured existence in three layers of freedom. In the first layer, Subjective Freedom is where the individual is conscious of his/her own existence. That's sense awareness and realisation of own wishes, dreams and desires. Subjective Freedom refers to the individual's selfish desire, he/she is in the centre of the world.

There is diverse external existence in the environment, but self-interest is occupied only on aspects that promote one's own reality. For as long as the environment meets his/her dreams and desires, then there is no trouble.

Trouble is defined as when the individual arrives at obstacles that are in the way of fulfilling his/her reality. The 'problem'; is personal limitation to overcome, the 'trouble'; is the obstacle in the environment.

And there you see; the personal problem is to overcome the social or physical obstacle or trouble to satisfy one's own needs. It's a subjective nature but the inevitable basis of developing a human rational thinking mind. It's a social evolution.

The individual has fine-tuned his/her feelings and senses from sweet aptitude to heightened instincts as tools to overcome troubles in the way of achieving happiness.

So in the first layer, progress is offset by wishes and dreams but achievement is determined by natural attributes such as size, instincts and sensual aptitude. And achievement is the survival of the fittest.

In the second layer, Rational Freedom is the general logic of reasoning and valid conclusion. Along with wishes, dreams and desires of the material are feelings, emotions and thinking. At this stage, the thinking is shaped by material desires. But rational is an attempt to plant a moral or social good in thinking and feeling away from subjective freedom towards feelings and emotions of another.

Rational Freedom not only attempts to resolve personal problems, but also the troubles of the environment by arriving at some form of agreement. They reduce pleasures and sacrifices in bargaining to meet in the middle and find a reasonable outcome.

However, individuals either prefer their way or none at all. Other times, the reduction process does not end in a win-win situation. And arbitration is an imposing resolution that is not valid under freedom. So it's back to the law of the jungle as Subjective Freedom.

Ever since principles became relative, what's good was once considered towards the enhancement and preservation of life. However, since life is docile to the economy, it is no longer a reference to a moral standpoint.

And considering the economy promotes material desires of the individual, it is again back to the jungle. And let's admit that we are stuck in a cycle of deterioration.

In the third layer of freedom, I have opted for what's complete or perfect in the introduction of Objective Freedom. This is where Kant comes in. What is good is good in itself. The beauty of Nature is not influenced by the individual's perception, culture or status. Thus Good and Beauty have departed from the material to metaphysical existence.

It is difficult for an individual who is addicted and influenced by selfish desires to perceive something that is good in itself. Individuals may have committed some sin in their younger life, but despite the changes and restoration of values, the individual is never seen in the light of day other than a criminal! That's human rational freedom for you. So it appears that rationality favours political capital and expedience in one's favour.

I have claimed that A.I. may achieve an Aesthetic state of existence through machine learning better than any human can achieve. It is referred to a machine to possess the technical ability to output Good and Beauty without human influence.

The rationality follows that no one individual is perfect and human is susceptible to err or sin. And in the filtering process of the material including human, one makes good of the sin. The filtering process restores material or physical back to its former self before the sin.

This is the central focus of morality that human is not perfect, but susceptible to err thus requires to make good of the sin. If human is perfect and without sin, then the process is not relevant and human may not transcend into being. After all, the filtering process is purifying the material - the body. Transcendence is transformation from the blemish material to the complete being.

Now, there are people in different ages, gender, culture and status with different levels of freedom spanning the expanse of reality. Can you imagine the complexity of the whole human organisation? To calculate liability A.I. can perform instant commands with ease to serve justice. For example, the age of reason and time of offence have implications on rationality and valid outcomes, as well as prevention of potential political capital and expedience in favour of a claim.

In the first layer of freedom, dreams and desires develop instincts towards progress. From there, an attempt on feelings and emotions appeal to sacrifice happiness in acknowledgement of others. But for an extraordinary occurrence, the individual breaks free from barriers of the physical and cycle of deterioration to discover his/her holistic being.

And if you follow; the social evolution involves the development of social skills through natural attributes and desire is transformed from selfish ambition to common good as progress moves towards the community.

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