I have explained the idea of Thinning as stripping human of social and moral values protecting the sanctity of human. These values associate with natural qualities such as a sense of belonging; enjoyment of freedom; belief; quality of life and happiness. They are maintained not by laws and regulations but by intuitive consciousness as natural.

That means, you know a good feeling when you feel it, especially in the absence of harm or trouble. Philanthropy associates with good feelings!

Well, it's the collectivity of feelings and senses which make up emotions and stored experiences. These feelings and senses are filtered by the conscience into objective ideas, quantified by the productive outcome.

It could be a dream, a wish or desire, but the filtering process transforms the idea a principle mode of action, is quantified into being. The principle has good intention, the process is valid and the outcome is stable.

So when you are experiencing a good objective feeling, it is stable and everything is kapai. But when you are experiencing a subjective or selfish feeling, you are probably the only one feeling that way and something is not quite right.

Intuitive consciousness is knowing what's the right thing to do at a given circumstance. Knowing is not remembering the rules and what's right or wrong, but naturally aware of the order or completeness of events in reality. Intuitive is metaphysical logic and consciousness is awareness of the natural process.

Without human influence or subjective material desires, the natural is a priori or aesthetics that I have proposed to programme A.I. machine learning with. It serves to protect the sanctity of life.

A sense of belonging is not having to follow laws and expectations, but at the same time, one is not likely to cause harm, if he/she can help it. And freedom is not just existing without purpose, but serving a means to the stability of his/her society.

That means it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from and what you do; your being or existence is a purpose in itself.

Water is natural to fish; the fish doesn't take an effort to live but without water it would be struggling to survive. Air or should I say oxygen is natural to human; he/she doesn't have to endure any rules or regulations and expectations. It is part or the aesthetics of metaphysical logic.

If this natural logic is faulty, the fish would die and human follows since human depends on the fish. So, good feeling is a valid outcome, and philanthropy is an essential part of life.

However, there are troubles; people have interpreted freedom and belief as a right to do as they please. If one's freedom and belief is filtered through objectivism, it is not supposed to cause harm or destructive to his/her environment. If so then the process is faulty.

Let me give an example; a gas company wants to promote fossil fuel to help out families and society with transportation. They offer to donate thousands of dollars for the poor communities. And the PR exercise has gained the company customers, but the consequences continue to harm the environment upon which families depend upon. The consequence gives rise to air pollution that in turn causes respiratory disease; lung cancer and eventually death.

We say that Philanthropy is referred to charitable work to help others. Homelessness is the result of a corporate strategy that created an artificial demand for housing. As a result, the poor was evicted as housing became a hot commodity and eventually corporations and their shareholders became millionaires.

And now, corporate philanthropy is appearing on the scene doing good work for society!

The high returns from rental and housing mortgages attracted investors in transformation of a housing boom that the poor couldn't afford. The corporate housing entity invests on philanthropy projects to build more houses, but really, it owns shares as a landlord. And the corporation continues to rake in high rents and mortgages for its investment as folks continue to pay high rents or live on the street.

I know, even some of the workers have volunteered their time and money to the corporation in the name of philanthropy, but it's securing the investment for the corporation.

Corporation exists to make profits for its investors. And it has taken many forms of exploitation including reshuffling, low wages for the workers or even redundancies; high price of goods and services; tax breaks and PR promotions as Philanthropy, all to prioritise profit for the shareholder.

It is involved with creating homelessness to establish demands and recycling the same product to secure future investments. Does that suggest homelessness has become a permanent landmark of the landscape?

If you are the only person feeling good about the outcome, then it's probably a subjective enterprise. And if you look at Philanthropy again, it is ensuring working conditions are safe and sufficient for the health and wellbeing of workers. It is transparent about exploitation, profits and production. It is when the corporate's own workers are secure the corporate's affairs are in order that it should produce a valid product.

I have more or less defined freedom and belief to precede the order of nature. And if something is out of order in the priori, then society continues to endure abnormal social consequences.

Well, it's almost legal to cheat and fool the people if you're a big corporation, but the law of nature is collected from feelings that are filtered in the conscience and written in hearts and minds.

We know when things are not natural that happiness is somewhat absent in the outcome.

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