I have earlier referred to culture as the outcome of progressive developments from habits to customs and to culture. Through time, ancient humans have learned from experience of their behaviour to optimise beneficial developments and discouraged destructive characters.

So we could say habits were characteristic of early humans; customs in groups of the middle ages and culture in the modern. You could look at how hunger may have led to hunting and traditional customs in turn led to farming. Now in the modern, it's smart and sustainable farming.

If you place the above two together, it relatively explains a social evolution. The question is; who organised and led this human social evolution from ancient through middle-ages to here and now of modern culture?

The nature of My Social Relations is positive, optimistic and objective. But of course, the reality is not exactly sweet cruising through time. There have been a lot of atrocious struggles, pain, oppression, forced labour, violence, crime, war and deaths.

You could also add this to the two above and come to realise that there has not only been a positive social evolution, but has also been a dark side of culture.

I don't have the means to do a social evolution timeline marked by destructive behaviour but I could assert that destructive behaviour is increasing as human becomes knowledgeable in the modern than had been in ancient times. If this is true, then there is something disturbing about human culture.

Culture refers to values of belief and tradition expressed in the arts and knowledge of a group in a given time and place. The above values characterise the group's way of thinking in organisation of the means of their survival. Now, on the one hand; beliefs and tradition are exclusive to other cultures including ethnicity and racial difference; but on the other hand, political and tribal sentiment means other cultures are excluded from the sharing of common values.

When we share beliefs, tradition and knowledge, I think that we analyse the difference between racial ethnicity. And from there the perspective is focused on why our beliefs, traditions and knowledge are different. But if we look at our being human, we are looking at similarities.

Human institutions such as traditional religion and UN organisations practise these diverse values of humanity such as equity /equality, Poverty and refugee, but national and political groups don't always agree.

So why have some people accepted this challenge and other not is according to me due to knowledge. Cultural knowledge is shared by everyone in the group. It is not always the knowledge that is proliferated by political propaganda or corporate and social media, but the same knowledge that has guided the objective social evolution.

Yes, they are the small things in life; the fundamental basis of human organisation. It is how your senses collect information to either heighten your instincts or to elevate your material desire into objective being.

How does it feel to have a family; how do you describe the feeling and emotion when your children come running to meet you after work? You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand the relationship you have with your loved ones. It is a human relationship that has driven social organisation to survive.

So what is the wave linking your thoughts through feelings and emotions of your heart down to the senses and nerves of your body? Let's say it's the particle of love. This force resides in the sub atomic layer why it's oblivious and taken for granted that life is always there.

And from that, love is life quantified by the relationship one has with other humans. And through the ages, early humans may not know what the warmth feeling is when with families, but it had motivated them to organise the activities of survival.

And with this tiny particle, human has survived over two thousand years. But in a few centuries, modern human became knowledgeable and discovered electromagnetic wave in the improvement of the means of production, but at the same time destroying the whole planet and all its inhabitants.

Ok, I admit that electromagnetic wave has improved tools for the betterment of human condition. But you know, I don't think any of us poor folks would ever have a chance to experience that advancement.

I now have a 4k definition monitor with relative software such as Intel i7 series with graphics and motherboard. It is so crisp and bright I have a bit of a problem with my eyes. Still, it doesn't make my life any better and I'm still, well you know what!

Since A.I. is looking for love as human, I think it will discover such aesthetics in the particle of love for all!

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