You don't have to die to experience the metaphysical world. The multiple worlds of existence are right here on earth.

Driven by desires, the rule of the material is determined by feelings, senses and emotions. When we dissected the orange, there is nothing left after the seed. So at the end of the line, the process begins again. Modifications are made of the same material and recycled over and over in time. Material logic examines the physical reality a function of the brain.

In the natural cause of events, when the material comes to the end of the line, it transcends into another layer of existence. In that, material progress is not recycled over and over, but transforms into new life. The physical ends and Metaphysical logic begin to examine mental reality, a function of the mind.

The brain involves with matters of the material in the realm of the self or ego. The mind involves with matters of thoughts, ideas and the spirit in the realm of the social and intellectual or mental.

Reality begins in the mind. Thoughts and ideas are quantified by practice and passed down to the genes. You see, the mind may find it difficult to exist independent of the body. And the body independent of the mind does not transcend new life, but caught in the vicious cycle of material desires. Thus, the integration of mind, body and spirit is our dynamic reality.

In the realm of the brain, we have a world of the material. This world is extended and paralleled to the digital world. In the realm of the mind, we have a mental world. These worlds on their own independently are subjective.

The mental world involves with intellectual ideas of the social and spirit. These ideas remain subjective until they can quantify into being. For example; the belief in pure principles of the spirit is quantified by the practice.

Compassion is a subjective idea but the practice of compassion quantifies it into reality. Because compassion helps those in need, it contributes to the common good, the stable organisation of communities. And compassion is transformed or transcended from Subjective to Objective.

And there we find Objectivism as complete in form of existence from ideas in the mind to the deed and practice of body hence; reality. You see, reality is the intersection between ideas in the mental world and their quantification into practical outcomes contributed to the stability of the material world.

Without the quantification practice, the idea remains subjective. So it makes sense therefore that the idea of God remains an idea unless it is quantified by the practice and contributes to the common good or stability of the material world.

Someone who is caught in the realm of subjectivism in the mental world may involve in extreme ideological or spiritual practice. Such that a nationalist fanatic may have an irrational fear of other ethnicities resort to practice racism and barricade him/her home from other nationalities. Extreme spiritism may practise subjective rituals that produces harm than objective or common good.

Like the mental world, the material world is also subjective. Our dreams, wishes and desires are not trusted to uphold and stabilise reality, remain in the subjective realm. We cannot distinguish a dream experience from the real and, an addict's mind is overwhelmed by the material desire. He/she lives to fulfil cravings of the material substance.

Well, you could say that the addict is quantifying a reality, but a subjective reality does not contribute to the common good or stabilises his/her reality. Instead, the addict is vulnerable to infection of disease and illness as well as antisocial behaviour.

So we could say that in our universe, individuals may live in the extremes of the mental or material worlds. But they could find balance and maintain equilibrium in the intersection of multiple worlds.

So, the unique balance between worlds is a holistic integration of mind, body and spirit. This dynamic balance is in a flux and stabilised by Objectivism. This is the quantification of either mental or intellectual ideas as well as wishes, dreams and desires of the material world into practice that contribute to the stability of organisation.

So, happiness could be achieved by contentment and balance. But desires of the material have overworked feelings and senses to overwhelm the mind. And thus, we are caught in the vicious cycle of deterioration.

The individual is sanctioned with freedom and rights of expression of his/her real true being. Accordingly, he/she is real in the intersection of existential worlds. It is natural therefore for one to exercise his/her freedom and rights towards stability and for the common good.

Clearly, the nature of balance reality is harmless, practical, stable and progressive. It's a wonderful world but the mode sustaining the means of survival is driving us to extremes.

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