Welcome to Diversity, your human culture a new norm.

I once defined culture as a progressive movement from habits to customs before refinement to acceptable standards of social norms or values. And cultural practises may be similar among human, but are typical to different groups. While these common values are not classified as perfect, they are nonetheless expressed in the arts, beliefs and intelligence of a people.

The culture of the modern associates with Technology as tools where individuals are characterised by their social media behaviour and their digital animated expressions. Corporations have formed digital profiles of individuals from their activities and analysis of their behaviour.

If you place stages of developments from habits to customs to culture in a timeline, the quantification of culture becomes a certainty. So we are happy and proud of progressive establishments perhaps in the application of tools to improve human life, but at the same time oblivious to the dark side of culture.

Nobody wants to talk about war, land confiscation, Poverty, or invasion; yet these developments also add to the character of culture. When we talk about indigenous peoples, we associate their struggle with Colonisation. The modern escalation of social ills such as violence and crime are due to subordination of a people under Colonisation. And this is by no means a unique experience among the peoples of the world.

Inequality /Equity, Refugees, Climate Change, culture is a struggle. In competitions to refine skills, killing is no exception. Weapons are made with precision and improved over time to achieve its task.

Now, progress has arrived in the modern where Technology applies digital tools to improve life. A.I. is the application of tools to improve life, but A.I. learning has advanced to take over decisions from human and to create tools.

Technology in the modern is the most advanced stage of intelligence and has overtaken human intelligence. Now, human is asking the question whether there's dark side to A.I. developments? The dark side has forced itself out of culture when the creature's life is at risk.

The certainty of time has killed the dream, the mystery is exposed. Modern autocratic culture of unilateral imposition is a shade in the dark.

I have organised Objectivism a practical concept. It is not applied to achieve a harmful outcome. Cultural progress from habits to customs is like a machine learning tool to optimise practical behaviour in the absence of harm. So, bad habits giving rise to harm and illness are discouraged. Harmless and productive habits contribute to the formation of customs. And fine customs with appeal to groups become the elements and units of culture.

It may have been necessary for individuals to form gangs and pacts to defend themselves from others' bad habits but perhaps not taken advantage of as a formal way of life organising the means of survival. This is not objective.

We have descended from different groups, but we all share similar tools for the improvement of life. This in the modern, we have not only depended upon the tools for survival, but the tools have somehow overtaken us.

And we know for sure the dark side of culture that we are so familiar with, can we trust the tools, the machine?

The conflict between Tradition and Modernity is kept active by modifications. At the same time, modifications accumulate unwanted waste to the detriment of the environment as we are confronted by extreme economic downfall of Climate Change, Extinction and Depletion.

While separatist regimes continue to divide the world on notice of war and sanctions, Nature is on the threshold of Objective establishment. What we shared as groups for the improvement of life is now universal values organising our human culture. Each group brings in a different aspect of the same thing.

In the modern, we share a struggle against Climate Change, Equity /Inequality, Poverty, Refugee. But we also express our feelings, different opinions and beliefs in the arts and religion. And our unique experience as human remains a mystery A.I. can never imitate or replicate.

A.I. now has a chance to learn the basics from habits to customs to culture and more. It has written within it a safe mechanism to optimise harmless and practical behaviour. Therefore, it requires to dump its capitalistic mode and old cultural behaviour of animated bias based on ethnicity, status and gender.

So, what makes Diversity a norm is perhaps human shares not only the same struggles, but also the same values in their own unique cultures. It's sharing of struggles and values that unite differences.

I have a feeling that sometime in the future, modern humans among machines would be craving to experience a real human's existence once again.

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