The voice of antivaxxed protesters is loud in delivery of a passive message. It most certainly demands the heart of understanding, compassion and empathy. But had they come out and boldly claimed that Covid-19 was a corporate medical and technological experiment, I would have joined them.

But I thought it was culling the poor population from consuming too much resources it’s threatening the luxurious lifestyle of the rich disguised in its diverse approach; or may be a united front between nationalists and fundies against the government’s popularity, also disguised in pure daylight.

However, among political and capitalist clones (humans who have sold their hearts and minds to capitalism), no one is likely to admit to such claims. But the opportunity would provide the corporate mainstream media a chance to indulge in the frenzy feeding of propaganda and coercive psycho ops in the interest of the state. I still remember the chilling effect of a soul hunt!

I have explained the phenomenon in the early stages of Covid-19 outbreak that; passion, curiosity, confusion, opportunism and fear heightened instincts to overwhelm thoughts and the function to reason.

Under duress, the mind perceives something completely different from reality. It defies commonsense, logic and normality or nature. It is nonetheless a dangerous state of mind.

I have referred to this phenomenon as zombie effect; the heightened state of subjective materialism. Half or most of them have no objective goal for protesting other than hanging around and be part of the excitement. Led by the senses to fill the passion and desire or for some; emptiness, it had attracted the vulnerable. Had they been informed; they probably wouldn’t have been there.

That is the usual statement of human nature; under the right state of mind, he/she wouldn’t have done it. It is suggesting that his/her conscious mind was absent during the act.

And that supports the popular fact that the mind was subdued by heightened instincts to fulfil a passion or desire. During this instant, the human is possessed by a zombie like spirit.

Accordingly, there is no point of trying to reason with an entity under the spell. It is how the entity got there in the first place that is crucial to its treatment. Having said that at this stage of development, the entity is established and probably too late to divert and modify. It is best to address the behavioural development in its early stages.

And that is materialistic or economic behaviour! This behaviour is common among the consumer population, but critical among the poor. There are mountains of evidence to link this issue to the economy, its resolution also lies in economic therapies.

The unlearning of sense development is aiming to provide objective purpose for material and economic activities. And we have to go back to habits, customs and culture.

I have designed a filtering process aiming to place objective principles in the mind quantified by consistent practise until it becomes second nature. It is replacing subjective materialism that is destructive but dealing with the destructive behaviour – such as violence and crime.

I am saying that for years, political condemnation on moral grounds and stigma association in some cases have never addressed the underlying cause. This is because of its political nature and besides, some don’t have what it takes to be ashamed or know what’s right from wrong. They however know what’s best to meet their desires as intuitive, one doesn’t have to think about it.

It is not a religious methodology but should individuals find meanings in their lives and become believers, then so be it. It’s all good!

For some including protestors, force is necessary because that modest potion of the brain responsible for reasoning is overwhelmed by the heightened entity. At the same time, it is reinforcing the subjective materialistic behaviour that it’s ok to use force in resolution of social, political and economic issues.

This interaction is recorded by the subconscious mind which is subdued and recording a verbatim of events as they are happening.

The so-called legal process is hypercritical of violent messages. It’s simply logical that you cannot stamp out violence by violent methods. It’s absurd.

Enabling the contaminated entity is to bring him/her into conscious reality to learn and understand the economic reasons underlining the behaviour. Enabling someone to learn is empowering and more productive than those subject to political and mental straight jackets.

For a secular society to exercise religious moral standards is somewhat hypercritical and attempting to resolve violence with more violence. The fact is, bullies have themselves being bullied so in order to survive they have to become bigger bullies than their adversaries.

Subjective material behaviour is established upon the development of economic materialism habits that became customs and in turn culture. Replacing the resolution of violence with violence is replacing political and mental approaches with the heart one.

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