The selection of views and opinions imposed for public consumption is as usual, fraught with ideological inferences. It's just too much political influence on anything considered newsworthy. Issues are stored with cherry picking in favour of an ideological ally.

The housing market for example has never ceased subtle promotions in psychological obscurities for the intended market in the face of homelessness. And the intended market promotion has not only deprived the ordinary citizen from equal access, but folks continued to remain invisible in the lenses of the media.

The politicalisation of daily news and opinions has always been in favour of those who own the means of production, who also happen to own the media. And there, no surprise to the everlasting struggle of fair and equal representation for the ordinary.

When Trump imposed sanctions on China, the impact is transferred from business to ordinary citizens among workers and consumers. The cost of goods and services soared without warning, business couldn't afford to buy materials and the ordinary folks not only lose their jobs but struggle to make ends meet. And this is also the impact felt among US workers and small business.

The circumstance on Ukraine is conditioned on massive sanctions against Russia. If so, then the transfer of sanctions from business to ordinary citizens may extend beyond Russia to Europe. And a chain reaction of economic downturn is a certain global phenomenon.

It comes back to US, which is has a status of advanced nation, but has also a massive poverty population. What is driving the status at the one end, is also responsible for the standards at the other end. It's unusual because other than obesity and diabetes, we don't have an FTA with US.

Beside Covid-19, there is also a Poverty Pandemic. But Poverty is more contagious because it is nurtured from local to global politics and at the same time, victims are invisible, unrepresented and helpless.

Like the media's imposition of ideological decisions upon the locals, why should the US through its own unilateral political decisions affect ordinary citizens of countries who have nothing to do with Ukraine or Russia's political affairs?

When the media has an ideological lens, it only perceives what it's programmed to perceive. For others who don't seem to see or hear, politics have been driving economic inevitability of volatility and uncertainty.

To promote the status of a leader, a sector is deprived of representation and becomes invisible. But a leader of the private sector who owns the means of production is also certain to deprive the workers among consumers. And the ideology continues to fuel the cycle of deterioration for the rest of us.

It is time for so-called leaders to realise that while we are all different, we are linked by trade across the world. That means whether we are small business owners, workers or consumers, we are linked by trade and exchange. But politics continue to impose a climate of inevitable uncertainties giving rise to job losses and Poverty. No matter which country or ethnicity and gender you're from, we are all subjected to ideological decisions of world leaders.

The so-called treaty pacts among like nations, is nothing more than to impose political conditions for poverty to thrive. The dictate of political leaders shoves us all in one sector of their ideological following whether we like it or not.

In case they don't see or hear, we are in the modern of the 21st century. Diversity is the essential element for life. We all have different views, opinions and beliefs and while those opinions may differ, we still respect them. After all, what's good and right for one may not for another.

In the modern, we are enduring devastated effects of Climate Change brought about by the very ideology of the system in place. While like nations are striving for alternative energy to attempt at saving what's left of our world for future generations, the most polluted nations are engaged in propaganda for war!

The screen is wearing thin and everyone can see through the mist. The archaic cycle of deterioration has to elevate and to transcend new life is to install young leaders who are conscious of our human struggle.

Someone said that you cannot solve new issues with archaic solutions. Having said that, we cannot solve Poverty and discriminations by war.

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