Technology and all its glory in algorithm and A.I. developments are said by media promotions that it's improving life. They claim the people are healthier and living longer by the use of technology than before!

In so doing, the media had created an abstract of prospective projections based on opinions to reflect a perceived economy. The reality of the housing market status is considered unaffordable for ordinary citizens. But while sales may be down a few per cents, creative writers are engaged in writing the market up, even in downturns the housing market is still perceived as positive.

The logistics of the market is updated to the moment by powerful computers. One minute may return negative, is then written upward to attempt at stabilisation; another minute may return positive, becomes the benchmark for range projections. Thus the average return is always optimistic but a subjective outcome.

And in keeping with the positive outcome, it seems that the promotion and advertisement of production have somewhat distorted reality and have inflated the value of real goods and services.

Does this mean that consumers are paying for products that don't exist? Does it mean that consumers are paying for glossy advertisements and promotions of goods and services they can never afford?

Not so long ago, growth is when production supplies meet demand to make profit and pay for wages. Wages may not have been great but enough to cover the price of necessities.

Today, growth is using up more rare earth, raw resources including fossil fuel and human capital; redundancy is also a method of making profit. Wages don't cover the cost of inflated living and the middle class are queueing up for food parcels.

In the midst of reality, more people are unemployed and even those working are struggling to make ends meet. In fact, more young people are joining the great exodus to greener pastures, the same time their parents work longer hours trying to sustain the budget.

The consumer is paying twice for everything including products that don't exist and their advertisements.

Families among children and youth are risking their lives crossing dangerous borders to find a better life in places like US or somewhere in Europe. Have they been misinformed and following a myth?

There are 13 million children and 2/3 of American families are living in Poverty - Save the Children. And the trend follows that it's ideal not to have a family; it's better to be a single parent. The fate of retirees is said to be homelessness and it's not for lack of saving, it's rather for abstract projections that for some unknown reason, retirees end up paying more taxes for their lifetime savings.

While the abstract is not real, it's top-heavy application is dead weight. It has definitely made developmental progress for the few while the majority of the population is static. The new thing they have found in technology has failed the early stages of time.

They knew about Climate Change, may be Pandemics but as usual, the system only serves the interests of the few. Everyone else is taken for granted as human capital.

Abstract and virtual reality have raised expectations of some people for better things to come, but are not practical under our so-called subjective materialism. The unnecessary stress is a mental burden - something like schizophrenia.

So, to stabilise is an attempt at the top-down principle practice consistent with human reality and at the same time elevation of the ground up development to objective outcome.

For example, freedom is not a subjective feeling of doing what one wishes or feels like, it is rather objective, practical and responsibility for his/her actions.

To quantify one's feelings and dreams, he/she has to work to obtain money and fulfil his/her desires. You don't win this in an abstract projection from nowhere, rather work for it.

The top-down principle maintains professional operations of the market with cultural values of the family, communities, work, goods and services. Where the top-down practice of culture, family, work and communities meet ground up developments of responsible individuals is a stable foundation of the economy.

All they need to do now is to place a leader not with abstract and technical skills, but a leader with a heart to connect the top-down and ground up developments of our real world.

His/her first task is to drop the discrimination class attitude that has deprived so many people from access to resources and as a result trapped in Poverty.

Second, remove conservative pharisees from authoritative positions responsible for discrimination on the basis of difference.

And thirdly although there is more, fix the justice system to restore equitable claims based on the above two. And may be an initiative to drive the young to work, like wiping off his/her student loan debt if committed to local work for five years or so. They have to experience struggles of life before placing them in such services as MSD and Social Housing.

The social development continues the labour policies of materialising the abstract economy to human reality.

The result is sure to gradually alleviate Poverty and stagnation moving forward. But like many abstract problems, they expect abstract resolutions in mathematical equations that seem to disadvantage the ordinary.

However, it is time to realise that technology is not really working out to be the wonder saver of ordinary humans. I think it's true of the opposite.

The practical resolution for fixing the problem of paying for products that don't exist or for their fancy advertisements is to switch the machine off and throw it in the recycle bin. Maybe the creative genius can also get a real job ;)

So now you can say Freedom is not only quantified by real work, but it would also stop the downward spiral of no return!


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