There is enough data flowing around the Internet to have some idea of Poverty. It generally assumes a condition in which human lacks the resources for a minimum standard of living. This relates to income and other essentials between sectors and compared to other nations. It follows that Poverty is relative between nations based on such factors as inflation and GDP.

However, irrespective of national sovereignty, region or sector; all the means of survival are organised by the same system called Capitalism. And 'Capitalism is the accumulation of wealth at one end and at the same time, accumulation of poverty at the other end' - Marxis.

Therefore, Poverty is unequal distribution of resources between people, sectors and regions among nations. But Poverty is maintained by capitalist relations such as discrimination on the basis of race; gender; age; ailment or disability etc..

The generation of such social relations gives rise to stratification of society according to race, gender and age etc., the discriminated sectors are now associated with lower class and low status; the privileged ones are upper class and high status.

And to continue advantages of the privileged sector is to maintain the class system, that is; to keep the lower class less educated and subordinated by oppression such as discrimination, deprivation and Poverty.

To secure the system from infiltration, the general media involves itself with perpetuation of propaganda not only to confuse and mislead the lower classes, but also to protect and promote the interests of the upper-class privilege position.

Education for the working-class folks had suffered long term development because of such relations, that may also address the conditions of poverty, disease, illness and crime. Justice also needs to address the equitable reason why the prison population is over represented by non-white persons.

The upper class owns the means of production such as the business private sector; the lower-class aka the public sector owns their labour to trade for a wage. The workers make up the population of consumers who generate consumption of goods and services in support of the economy.

We have learned from recent pandemic lockdowns that businesses cannot survive without workers and consumers. Businesses collapsed days without workers and consumers. They demanded funding and for workers to come out of virus isolation to work.

On the basis of the economy, there is no need for the upper class or bourgeoisie to engage in discrimination of the lower class. It is a class attitude to separate from the working class. In fact, the market would cease to function if racial barriers prevented supply and demand.

That is why in the reality of our modern world, Diversity is the new social norm for the market, its social relations and the economy. It expands not only to appropriate new needs and varieties of choices but also the expansion of the market itself across many boundaries.

In fact, having no boundaries means everyone is the same. But a class attitude takes advantage of its status to add value to its product. Unfortunately, material desires continue to fall for the subjective trap. And this is reinforcing deteriorated conditions for Climate Change when demands for example of electronic wares means further mining for rare earth minerals.

Anyone can wear nice clothes and have the latest car, but hey how many workers were underpaid or further exploitation of raw resources as a result? A not so popular brand can now produce the same style and fashion, even a homeless person can enjoy the culture.

Discrimination on the basis of race therefore is proof of covetous and uneducated attitude. It is not only backward but also uneconomic.

Since material or commercial status discriminates on the basis of difference, value of wealth and prosperity should reflect the conditions of Poverty and state of wellbeing.

Poverty is a condition where human adapts to survive struggles through suffering from hunger, homelessness, discrimination, violence and crime. They don't exist to serve a useful purpose in the organisation of the modern economy, rather they sustain the condition to convey the upper class with halos.

Really, it's not too bad. It's an ideal place to deal with personal issues of growth and development. There's hope for better things and realisation of other's and their struggles. One learns to share or otherwise protective as well as holistic skills for survival.

That status thing is nothing more than an abstract image painted by bourgeois class attitudes. However, the fact is Poverty has become a dumping ground for those suffering from illness and ailments of society. And for those who are not able to do or afford much, crime is a way of survival. And folks should neither serve time in prison nor made examples of for petty crimes.

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